The Dark Angels: Tied Together by Z Allora ~ Book Review by Caroline

23565221 Title: The Dark Angels: Tied Together

Author: Z Allora

Publisher: Rocky Ridge

Cover Artist: P L Nunn

Rating: 4.75 of 5 Stars


Josh has loved Robin since the day they met, although he never dared to follow his heart. After the two are kicked out of their house, a night of despair turns into a night of discovery, forever changing them both. One taste of his dream leaves Josh hungry for more, but Robin’s fear of abandonment forces him to pull back, denying them both.

Their fortunes changed. Josh and Robin are now in the limelight with legendary megaband The Dark Angels, but Robin is still the scared little boy inside the rock star who isn’t convinced he won’t be left behind. He clings tightly to the word “brother” because stepbrothers can’t leave, right?

There’s only one way for Josh to prove to Robin, now and forever, that the love tying them together can never be broken.

Caroline’s View:

The second book in the Dark Angels Series and there is a lot to get through! Josh and Robin are commonly referred to as ‘The Twins’ by the press and fans alike. There is also a lot of naughty fan fiction out there about them. Most young men that had been brought up as brothers wouldn’t have a problem with everybody’s fixation on this aspect of their relationship but for Josh and Robin it’s a nightmare. Their parents may have been married but they are not blood related, they are in fact in love with each other and it is breaking their hearts.

When Angel Luv was putting The Dark Angels together he came across Josh and Robin by accident when he heard them playing in a small music shop. We all know Angel always gets what he wants and the rest as they say is history. Their lives leading up to that part had been difficult and often brutal and is told is small flashbacks at the start of the story. The day they saved Uncle Leo was the day that Uncle Leo also saved them.

Josh wants nothing more than to tell the world that he loves Robin, he wants a proper relationship where they don’t have to hide and where they can just enjoy the rest of their lives with each other. He looks at Angel and Dare, how loving they are, and it breaks his heart every time. The more snatched moments of passion that Robin allows the more difficult it becomes to lose him again afterwards.

Robin is much more cautious. He is deeply in love with Josh and every now and again that need spills over and the two end up together for a short time, but then the guilt and fear take over and Robin pulls away and puts the walls back into place. His fear of abandonment overrules everything else and he would rather have Josh in his life and bury his feelings of love than have his love and lose him. He is delicate, emotional and in desperate need of a keeper. His submissive tendencies are eating him alive; he is craving what Josh is offering but terrified of what that means.
There is quite a lot of sex in this book, they are a bunch of rocks stars after all. It is fun and imaginative but none more so than the hot foursome. It is not a gratuitous scene but two friends offering a guilt free way for two men to be together even if it’s just for a few short hours. The night itself is a catalyst for the relationship between Josh and Robin. We discover a little more about Dare when this happens and it seems that he and Robin have a lot more in common than we first thought. When the night is over Robin feels as though he has gained an ally and finally has someone to talk to about the way he feels.

The ending of the story is perfect. It is a hard won battle against perception and a huge battle against Robin’s demons. It is a love conquers all ending and perfect for my favourite group of rockers.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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