The Goat Farmer’s Guardian (A Paranormal’s Love #10) by Charlie Richards ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Th Goat Farmer's Guardian Title: The Goat Farmer’s Guardian (A Paranormal’s Love #10)

Author: Charlie Richards

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: Scott Carpenter

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars


Into the Paranormal World: Sometimes getting a crash course in things unknown doesn’t always end in disaster.
Zander Wheeler knows they’re out there: shape shifters, vampires, and other things.
Having lost his wife over a year ago, Zander finds himself seduced by a married man. Ashamed, Zander asks his friend Logan McByrne to help him sever ties. Logan agrees, and in doing so, reveals a whole new world to him. Zander learns that his lover is a vampire, which is why he’d become so enamored with him. Then, Logan hooks up with a wolf shifter, and to top it off, a massive winged creature—the gargoyle Geoffrey, according to Logan—is claiming he and Zander are mates.
When Zander demands they all leave him alone, save for Logan, they agree. Still, some sixth sense tells Zander he hasn’t seen the last of Geoffrey. He’s right. When one of his billy goats becomes aggressive, Geoffrey swoops in and saves him. With Geoffrey keeping to the shadows, they begin a dialogue. The more they talk, the more Zander realizes they may not be all that different after all. Except, he’s already been played by one paranormal. Can he open his heart to another?

PizzyGirl’s View:

The Goat Farmer’s Guardian is the tenth installment in Charlie Richard’s A Paranormal Love Series. The story revisits Zander and Geoffrey and picks up after the events of a previous book in the series.

Zander’s introduction into the paranormal world was a bad experience and thus Geoffrey had to work harder to convince his mate that he meant no harm and only wanted Zander’s happiness. Or at least that was the premise of this story. The execution, however, had some holes and left me wanting. This was very short, so there was only so much the author could do, but things just happened to easily. Yes, Zander put up the token fight by randomly getting angry when he felt the paranormals were manipulating him. But that anger always faded almost instantly and after only a few chats with Geoffrey about being mates, he decided all was well and they were meant to be happy together forever. He even stepped in to help save the family of the vampire who used him for blood. I felt confused as to motivation (besides the obvious mate pull) for most of this story.

I am glad that this one was not all about sex like some of the insta-mating stories out there. The author tried to give an actual story with a bit of emotional connection before the men mated. It was nice that this short tale did not overlook the relationship in favor of sex equals love.

Overall, I don’t know. The story was cute and happy, but I felt that much was left out in favor of word count and this story could have been much better with more development and more angst. I still enjoy Ms. Richards’ works, but for me this one needed more and is not a great representation of this series.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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