The Severing by D.J.Manly ~ Book Review by Beverley

Another enjoyable read from D.J.Manly…

The Severing Title: The Severing

Author: D.J.Manly

Publisher: MLR Press

Cover Artist: Deanna Jamroz

Rating: 4.0 of 5 Stars


Terrance hears the dead talk but can they help him save those who are still alive?

Alex has no idea a ghost called Billy is following him around. Then a strange young man comes up to him in a public place and tells him someone is sitting at his table. Terrance talks to the dead. To him it’s a curse. Labeled psychotic, the dead have kept him from truly living. When he meets Alex, Terrance wants to be normal. Alex doesn’t believe that Terrance can communicate with dead folks. But when his best friend disappears, Alex begins to think that Terrance may be the only one who can bring his best friend back alive.

This title has been previously published.

Beverley’s View:

This story’s opening pages deal with a spirit called Billy who has been severed, and is now in a kind of limbo for those who have been murdered. These spirits only get to move on through the door that leads to…they hope paradise…when their murderers are brought to justice. Billy is not happy here, and still wanders around his old life even going to his job and his old office. When he discovers that his replacement has started, and Billy’s name removed from the office door he starts to follow Alex, his replacement, around.

This breaks all the rules as Billy has a job in this afterlife, explaining the situation to new spirits and generally helping Horace. Horace is as senior as anyone sees in this limbo world, and tries to stop rule breakers and evil spirits. Through his shadowing of Alex, Billy comes into contact with Terrance a true medium, and when Alex’s best friend is abducted, Billy and Terrance convince Alex they are the only ones who can help find his friend. Billy is also convinced that Terrance is the only one who can help him to go through the door and finally move on. There are other spirits we meet in the story, who eventually made me think there could be a rather enjoyable series here.

In addition to the murder mystery there is a very neat love story, which is allowed to grow and remain despite the murder and mayhem surrounding it. I liked The Severing; I like DJ Manly’s mysteries; I liked the ‘Blood Pond’ series, but they are gory and have very dark themes and scenes in them. Maybe not for the squeamish.

However, a really enjoyable  murder mystery with love story, and as with most of this author’s books I didn’t guess the ending, which I really appreciated.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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