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Lisa-Henry-OtMHi, Lisa here. Welcome to my first ever PBA guest post! Strap yourselves in, because this ride is going to be crazy… *awkward silence* Actually, I thought that for my first post here, I’d tell you a bit about myself, and then ask everyone a few questions.

I live in northern Queensland, Australia. Here is a picture taken at dawn on The Strand. This picture was taken by a work colleague, @kallygat on Instagram. Like me, she hates early mornings, but sometimes getting out of bed is almost worth it when you see a sunrise like this, right?

image1 It’s tropical, which means at this time of year it is stinking hot, and it’s going to stay that way until March. On the plus side, it’s mango season. Whenever I smell ripe mangoes I know Christmas can’t be far away. I work a day job with a lot of crazy hours, which means that I’m often online at strange times. That’s the best thing about the internet – someone’s always awake.

I’ve been writing MM since 2011. And seriously, I can’t believe it’s only been three years. Wow, I’ve been busy, particularly when you consider I never actually intended to write romance. I’d always liked reading it, but never really considered writing it. No, I was too busy writing Serious and Important Literature that was all unpublishable, because it was all terrible. Just terrible. Sometimes I like to amuse myself by opening a bottle of wine and pulling out a random manuscript, just for a cheap laugh. 

But I love writing romance. It’s great fun. Mostly I love it because it’s not a restrictive genre. You can pair romance up with sci-fi, or historical, or crime, or thriller, or whatever you feel like, and nobody minds. That’s my favourite thing about writing MM, but I’d love to know your favourite things (and least favourite things) about reading it.

Firstly, what would you like to see more of in MM? What’s your favourite trope? Do you like a good hurt/comfort like me? Or how about a first time?

And what would you like to see less of in MM? For me it’s billionaire doms. And shifters. It’s not like I don’t like those things, I just feel like I’ve reached saturation point with them.

How about more historicals? Or sci fi? Or mysteries? Or paranormal?

Tell me what you’d like to read about next, or what you never want to read about again!



~ Lisa Henry

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11 thoughts on “What Do You Want to See? ~ Lisa Henry: Outside the Margins

  1. I don’t this I really have an answer to what I want more or less of. I think as far as tropes are concerned. They really depend on my mood and occasionally a little of everything makes it way through my reading list.

    The things I do want to see less of are stories with holes and proofreading errors. I will read anything if it is well developed and well written. But I am getting more and more frustrated with books that have so many errors, I cant get to the story. Or tales that leave me wondering exactly why the characters love each other(aside from the fact that the author told me so). I want more stories that show the love connection instead of telling me about it.

  2. PG, that’s such a great point re anything well written is what I’ll read.

    I would love to see more historicals set around the turn of the century and WWI. Largely untapped, that well be.

    I’d like to see more short story collections by a single author, no theme necessary, just some fabulous shorties.

    Thanks for sharing space with us today, Lisa! 😀

    • I LOVE WWI. (That sounds wrong just to say.) I mean, I love reading and researching about that period. One day I’d like to write an MM Romance set during that period, or probably in the aftermath in the 1920s. A time of massive social change.

      And very cool clothes and music…

  3. I like good romantic mysteries the best. I like it when the mystery is the focus, but the romance runs through the whole story. 🙂

  4. My favorite trope is definitely hurt/comfort. I love it and will read any genre if it’s got a hurt/comfort theme.

    I would like to see some good m/m UF. I can only think of one really well done series in this genre. I would also like to see more angels & demons. You almost never see angels in m/m. I would love something along the lines of Larissa Ione’s Demonica/Lords of Deliverance or Nalini Sighn’s Guild Hunter series but with m/m couples.

  5. This isn’t really a trope but I would be so happy if m/m writers never wrote another book that had a character biting their lips sensuously. This is not sexy. When I meet someone in person who is a lip biter, their lips are gross. They are chapped and bloody and disgusting. Lip biting is not sexy in real life. When I read lip biting in a book, all I can think of is scabby lips. Yuck.

    I love space pirates. Who doesn’t want more Malcolm Reynolds, Peter Quill, Han Solo? Or all those getting it on with each other? Oh that would be most excellent. Space Pirates!

    I love humor in books. Every day is filled with at least a little laughter and I sometimes wonder, even in serious books, where is the moments of fun? Everybody has them, even in dark times.

    I like really small men that are super dominating and bossy. Or younger men with older men and the younger man is dominating and bossy.

    I enjoyed the Mark Cooper book so much. It was so much of what I love in a book. A snarky guy, a mellow man to match, an interesting storyline, humor…so good.

    I like it when characters fall in love over a long time. That slow march to happiness ever after always seems so much more satisfying. Like I know they are always going to be together. And they will like each other too.

    In romance movies, you always get the “meet cute”, which is rarer in romance novels, but I still like it. “Desk Set” with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, but with guys, set in a modern setting. That would be awesome.

  6. Definitely fewer evil women. Women characters just don’t come in: evil, cold, scheming, murderous etc. The woman as the villian, or all the unsympathetic characters in a book are female, just too commonplace in m/m romance — or maybe I’m reading the wrong books. Also, some sympahty for the woman who is being used as a ‘beard’ in some storires would be nice. Just leaving her at the altar, or discarding her when it becomes inconvenient is not okay. This last one really makes me find the ‘hero’ unsympathetic and totally untrustworthy — and worse when ‘it’s okay, she hasn’t any morals, so I’m just dumping her now I can admit I’m gay’. Sometimes it’s incredibly callous. Ugh. I’d love to see a book where the ‘beard’ is someone close to the main character’s newfound love of his life. And see the situation handled with sympathy, decency and kindness for all concerned.

    • The Evil Woman does seem to be overdone in MM. Wherever you look, there’s another one! I don’t mind women being villains, but sometimes it seems to be all about “If I can’t have him, nobody will, mwhahahaha!” Which gets old fast.

      And yes, when it turns out the whole time she’s evil so it’s easy for the guy to dump her…that’s just too convenient. I’d also like to see what’s a very complicated situation handled more delicately.

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