Billy (A Southern Thing) by Sara York ~ Book Review by Caroline

23626549 Title: Billy (A Southern Thing)

Author: Sara York

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Book 4 of A Southern Thing Series

Billy Miller never thought he’d be someone’s hero. Jack had saved him when he was seven, and Dianne had encouraged him to always be true to himself. But when Billy meets Sawyer Fredericks, the game changes. Simple is no longer simple, and one plus one doesn’t equal two.

Sawyer has spent the last few years working hard to get ahead, and now it seems like his life is on track. Then Billy walks in and Sawyer realizes that plans sometimes change. The chemistry is good, and the emotions out of this world, but more than just Jack and Andrew are working to keep them apart.

Once it seem like they have it all together, fate comes in to take everything away. Surviving takes more than just hanging tough, for Billy, it’s a life altering decision.

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Caroline’s View:

This is book 4 in the ‘A Southern Thing’ Series. Although you get to catch up with Jack and Andrew this story concentrates on Jack’s youngest brother Billy who most of us came to love in the first 3 books. Billy was a beautiful little boy who just wanted to be himself and have his father tell him he was pretty but instead he grew up with hate and prejudice and kept a part of himself hidden.

Billy is now 18 and ready to spread his wings. He is the last of the children to leave home and is finally getting away from the constricting Southern State he grew up in and heading for New York to stay with Jack and Andrew whilst attending college. He has high hopes that people will accept him for who he is but finds he is more nervous than ever when his new life starts. His makeup box stays closed and his dresses are hung firmly in the back of his wardrobe as his confidence dips with fear of how people will react.

Billy is keen to experience everything and looks at Jack and Andrew in wonder when they kiss and hold hands. Billy has never even had a kiss before and longs to find someone to love who will love all the things that make him who he is. He is certainly not used to being anywhere near an openly gay couple. When he looks into the eyes of Sawyer Fredericks on his first day at college he is mesmerised but far too scared to even say hello.

Sawyer and Billy are in the same History class and hit it off from the start. Billy is extremely naive for an 18 year old and trips over his words and his feet when he has to try and talk to the handsome man in front of him. They quickly fall into the habit of having lunch together after class and over the next few weeks they become friends, although Billy is desperate for more, he wants to experience his first kiss with Sawyer and he wants it now.

Sawyer has a whole bag of secrets and although they are not necessarily bad they put a strain on their relationship and cause anger with Jack and Andrew. This is easily rectified for everyone once the truth is known and leaves Billy and Sawyer free to move on with the support of Billy’s family.

The story jumps forward a bit to where Sawyer has achieved his dream but sadly it is not everything he thought it would be. With their relationship in rocky territory they seem to have lost sight of what is truly important and it takes a tragedy to open their eyes.

Billy’s story almost turns full circle as he heads back South but he is certainly not the boy from a few years ago who moved to New York to start a new phase of his life. We have watched this boy from a young age when some days his very existence depended on him keeping parts of himself hidden. He was saved by his mother and the love and protection of his older brother and he finally got his dream of finding someone to love him and accept all parts of him.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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