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Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Brandon Witt and Catherine Dair for taking the time to talk with us today.


Title: Kickass Anthology
Author: Brandon Witt and Catherine Dair
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Artist: Kate Pavelle
Genre/Sub-Genre: M/M Romance


Against bad odds, he persevered. Wit, grit, and guile pulverized his scary opponent into a sad pile of dust.

Eric Arvin is Kickass.

Even a kickass hero needs a hand from a secondary
character, and Eric needs that extra power boost right now. This anthology is a volunteer effort organized by Eric’s fans and fellow writers in order to help him raise funds and help cover the cost of his high-tech recovery. His wicked sense of humor is intact, but his body needs a bit of help.

These stories are meant to inspire. They’re a warm hug, a wave from afar, a wink and a nod. Discover new authors and graphic artists as you, too, get revved up to slay whatever ails you!

Illustrated edition !

Authors and Illustrators:
Keira Andrews, Connie Bailey, Sophie Bonaste, Tara Bluhm, Michael J. Bowler, A.L. Boyd, Jade Crystal, Catherine Dair, Fiona Fu, Nancy Hartmann, JP Kenwood, Mia Kerick, Jackie Keswick, Eleanore Pavelle, Kate Pavelle, Jonathan Penn, Tali Spencer, Taomi, Rayne Vogel, Brandon Witt

With a special foreword by Eric Arvin’s sisters Angela Arvin-Young and Amy Arvin

A Note from the publishers:

KICKASS ANTHOLOGY was produced in order to raise funds for the medical recovery of our friend and colleague, author Eric Arvin.

All artwork, both written and graphic, was donated free of charge.

All proceeds will go directly to Eric Arvin and his family.


There are people that​ ​change your life all the time. A parent, a teacher, a lover, a child, a dog. Chances are, for most of those, they are people we are with a lot of the time. In this social media world, all of us have friends and people we love that we’ve never met. Some of those people change our lives. This is the role Eric Arvin played in mine. I’ve never met him, never spoken to him outside of messages, and have never heard his voice outside of his videos. By now, people are probably sick to death of me saying the same damn story of how Eric changed my life. But tough shit. I will tell this story until I win an Oscar at the age of eight-seven. (By that point, they will be given Oscars to authors.) I will stand up on that podium, hold that golden little bald guy up in the air and say, “This is for you, Eric Arvin!”

Without Eric I might be published, although it would have been many, many more years if how the rate of things were going continued. I might have found a loving writing community, but who knows. It was Eric, after I sent him a message about how much I loved Woke Up in a Strange Place (still the best MM book ever written, by the way—my own included), who said, “Have you ever heard of Dreamspinner? You should submit your manuscript there.”
In pure Eric form, there was no arrogance nor superiority, despite his talent, success, and my obvious adoration. He took of his own time, reached into his natural well of kindness, and with two sentences changed my life.
Anytime anyone asks if I can do something for him (including giving him part of my liver, should he need it), I will say yes. I owe him my dreams. I hope Kickass both shows him, once more, how many people love him. And, equally so, I hope it provides to him financially in mythical proportions.

While Catherine Dair didn’t launch my writing career, she was another soul I loved before we met in person. She enabled me to see many of my beloved Men of Myth characters in the flesh, outside of the dark corridors of my mind. However, before she did that, she first introduced me to Mikey, the hero of Pink, whom you will meet in the Kickass anthology. It was a magical experience to tell an artist about your character, have her read the story, and then show you the man that spoke to you in your head. She is a woman of Myth, herself!


Brandon is absolutely right that you will encounter people who will change you throughout your life. We were first introduced to Eric Arvin in the same way – through his amazing book “Woke Up in a Strange Place”. I was a changed person after I finished it. It wouldn’t leave my mind. I wanted to honor it in some way, and I created a character sketch of myself lying on the ground holding the book which had just literally left me “lying in a puddle of feels”. I drew the “Lying in a Puddle of Feels Award” in the fall of 2013 and emailed it to Eric, the first recipient. I was so glad he loved it and didn’t think me a crazed nut. He liked it so much that I mailed him a copy. We talked on Facebook on a Monday, when he let me know he’d received it. By Friday, he was in the hospital.


I followed closely his prognosis, his struggle, and his absolute will to never give up. His strength, his courage, his fight to “go go go” against all the odds are an amazing inspiration to so many of us. I don’t know if I could have gone through the same experience with any of the grace he has shown to his friends and followers online. So when asked if I would like to participate in the anthology, there wasn’t a second of hesitation in my mind. I want him to be able to take that next step in his recovery and let nothing hold him back. Hopefully, the anthology proceeds can help that. Nothing should stop him. In my mind, he really is undefeatable.

When Brandon Witt reached out for an artist on FB in the early summer of this year, I saw his request and was intrigued. We weren’t friends on FB yet; I saw his request through a share of his post. When I checked out who he was on social media, I couldn’t friend him fast enough. It was so immediately clear this guy was one of a kind. His books fascinated me (Hot men! Fantasy characters! Unique universes!) but it was far more than that. His work as a special education teacher spoke volumes to me on the special person he was. I literally wanted to beg him to let me work for him. Thankfully, I didn’t quite have to resort to groveling. We clicked and never looked back.

Hanging out with Brandon at GRL in Chicago was one of the highlights of my year. I love him so hard I wish we were neighbors (and not because I want to play with his corgi… okay, maybe a bit). We’ve finished two projects together and the excitement of our upcoming children’s book makes me smile so hard my face hurts. When a client moves into the place of a special friend, it is something to cherish forever.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Anthology-tour1AUTHOR – Brandon Witt

Brandon Witt is published through Dreamspinner Press and his titles include The Shattered Door, Then the Stars Fall, and three volumes of the Men of Myth series. His religious upbringing and youth ministry degree, together with being a gay man, brings ten- sion into every plot twist. His experience of teaching children with emotional difficulties imbues his characters with depth and com- passion.

Brandon’s writing does not shy away from conflict, but also revels in the jouy that can only happen when one truly embraces and loves all that life has to offer.

ILLUSTRATOR – Catherine Dair

I am a fulltime Mom by day and spend my evenings as my alter egos, a ninja illustrator and a superhero. I get the giddy plea- sure of making fun art for authors, bloggers and many other cool people. In my spare time, I make crazy designs for my new Red- bubble store.

The hobby of creating fan art for authors became a passionate business. I love working with writers, because the synergy is like nothing else. Writers are the most amazing, creative souls. Josh Lanyon, among others, sought me out for my art designs, such as Prism Book Alliance and Queer Romance Month. Now I love com- ing to the rescue and help anyone who needs something artistically unique and personal. It’s all part of the superhero gig.

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12 thoughts on “Brandon Witt and Catherine Dair talk Kickass Anthology and Eric Arvin ~ Blog Tour, Guest Blog, Rafflecopter Giveaway

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to you two and to all of the contributing artists.

    Friendship. A lot of us have experienced the beginning of wonderful, treasured and incredibly satisfying friendships this year. This is another loving example.

    Gonna one hundred percent admittedly pimp the HAYULL outa this post.

    To you, Angela and Amy, and all of your family and friends, I’m wishing you a warm and loving holiday season.

  2. I can only imagine the ownderful stories all the authors wrote for this anthology, I’m looking forward to it. And I hope everyone have a wonderful time with their loved ones this Christmas.

  3. Its such a wonderful idea to write an Anthology for Eric and I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts on the tour. Merry Christmas everyone.


  4. I can’t help wanting to say, after reading this wonderful post and seeing the delightful art, that Friendship really is magic!

    A single word has never been exchanged between me and Eric, but I have been moved tremendously by his words and the words and actions of others about and for him. If there’s ever a chance to help him in any way, I’m in.

  5. A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing that and for supporting your friend and fellow author. I’m really looking forward to giving the anthology a read.

  6. This anthology is a great idea. I love that so many authors were willing to help out! I hope all of you and Eric and his family have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. I love the cover and the premise of this anthology! Thank you for posting the pictures of the LiaPoF award, and the ponies. They’re so cute! I had no idea who had designed the logo for QRM, so I’m thrilled to be able to say that I have loved that image since the moment I saw it! I wrote an essay for QRM at the beginning of October, and was honored beyond words when I learned that the lovely folks there have posted a link to my essay in the sidebar entitled, “More QRM.” As an aspiring writer, that was one of the high points of my year. The queer romance community has been so warm and welcoming, so genuinely helpful and encouraging, that I wish I’d had the nerve to dip my toe in the pool long ago. It might not be the most lucrative of the writing genres, but I couldn’t ask for a better group of people, or a more talented one, in which to stretch my fledgling wings. This anthology is just one example of the what a wonderful group of people these writers and artists are. Best of luck with the book, and best wishes for Eric’s recovery. Bright blessings.

  8. I find it very heartwarming how the MM community has rallied around Eric. The fund raising and heartfelt words are truly moving.

  9. What a wonderful post! Wishing Brandon and Catherine a very happy, healthy, and successful new year. 🙂

    I think it’s so awesome how the m/m community continues to support Eric. I’m sending out positive thoughts and prayers for Eric’s continued recovery and wishing him and his family a happy and healthy 2015. 🙂

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