Fighting Instinct by Mary Calmes ~ Book Review by Caroline

22890770 Title: Fighting Instinct

Author: Mary Calmes

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


L’Ange: Book Two

Only a privileged few know L’Ange’s head of security Arman de Soto is a shifter, and even fewer know he’s been systematically killing off a pack of werewolves. The reason for this vengeance is a secret Arman trusts with no one, quite the opposite of his obvious longtime pursuit of the château’s overseer, Linus Hobbes. Despite Arman’s reputation as a loner, the only thing he needs to complete his life is Linus. Predator and prey just don’t mix—but Arman won’t give him up.

Linus has lived alone for more than seven years, sheltered at L’Ange under an assumed name and hiding secrets of his own, including his terrifying attraction to the most dangerous man he’s ever met. Arman knows Linus should be afraid of the predator stalking him, but Linus is still drawn to him like a moth to a flame, no matter how much he tries to deny his instincts. It’s not until Linus’s past and Arman’s crusade exposes their secrets and opens L’Ange to attack that Arman realizes waiting any longer is a risk he just can’t take. So he’ll have to take his quest to the source of the threat in a gamble to protect L’Ange, Linus, and any future they might have together.

Caroline’s View:

Old Loyalty, New Love was one of my favourite reads from 2014. I seem to love everything that Mary Calmes writes – for me the woman is a genius! I also love a good shifter story, especially where they have to work for it instead of insta-love. When I realised L’Ange was actually a series I did a happy dance!

Linus is the frigid housekeeper at L’Ange who keeps himself held together under a veneer of indifference. Brought to the estate my Roman’s late mother he changed his name but he has been unable to outrun his memories. Linus may appear to be the epitome of held together in his daily life on the estate but the reality is very different. Seven years ago he was betrayed by a man he thought loved him and the outcome was 6 months of extreme abuse that left him broken and afraid and nothing like the man he was before.

Arman is head of security at L’Ange and takes his job seriously. He has built a good team of men around him, men he would trust with his life but he doesn’t really have an emotional connection with any of them. I think we all guessed in book 1 that Arman was a shifter but I had no idea of what animal he was – well you are in for a surprise. This was definitely a first for me! His animal is not known for compassion or for forming relationships but they are known as effective killers. He has spent the last few years systematically killing off a pack of werewolves. He has been ruthless and thorough as this has been a very personal mission for him. When a group of werewolves make it into the chateaux and attack Arman it appears Linus’s past may be coming back to haunt him.

Arman has known for years that Linus is his mate, in fact he has known from day one, but has become content with protecting him, never expecting anything else from him. When jealousy crops up due to a gorgeous but lazy Lion Linus is forced to finally admit that he has feelings for the other man and they finally get their acts together.
The mating has an astonishing affect on Linus and for the first time in years he shows signs of confidence. He also takes on a third form which is both beautiful and terrifying and not the least bit unusual. With the cold veneer gone people are literally falling over themselves to have contact with the young man. The truth about Arman’s personal mission is also shared between them and they both set off for Linus’s hometown to finish it together.

This is a true opposites attract story but also a beautiful love story. Arman would do anything for Linus just to see him smile and his seven years of being gentle with the man finally pay off, they are perfect together. Arman is brutal and without any remorse and you really wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of him. Now I am going to wait patiently for a certain Lion to be dragged from his pouting……..

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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