Hidden Passion – The Hidden Series Book 3 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

18140820 Title: Hidden Passion – The Hidden Series Book 3

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Book Three of The Hidden Series, sequel to Hidden Truths and Hidden Pasts. Both are available to purchase on Amazon.

It’s almost a year since Jamie Burton began the painful journey of recovering his hidden past with Scot Victore. Even though the past is beginning to become clear for Jamie his present is seriously mixed up. He is forced to live two lives, he moves from his love for his beautiful Valerio to the hidden passion he shared with Scot. His journey is a difficult one, he can’t be told the truth, he has to see it for himself and only with the help of Scot Victore can he do that. He’s confused by the strong emotions he has returning for Scot, he knows inside there was more, more than he feels for Valerio. But he also knows it hurts to be with Scot. He knows he should love Valerio but the pull he feels for Scot keeps growing and growing.
Life with Valerio should be easy in comparison to his past relationship with Scot, but Valerio’s closeted homosexuality still hasn’t been resolved and they are nowhere near to having the open and loving relationship that Jamie craves for them.

Hiding from the whole world is hard for them both, but Jamie never denies Valerio, never hides him and the frustration of always being held in the shadows of Valerio’s life is painful for Jamie.

Scot would never deny Jamie, never turn him away. He’s there for him in a way only he can see right now. His pain is growing along with Jamie’s memories. How long can he cope with his painful past being lived out right in front of him in a way he didn’t see the first time. His love for Rafael is pure and uncomplicated but he knows his heart belongs to Jamie. Seeing Valerio fight so strongly to keep Jamie in his hold is breaking him in two. Scot loves Jamie in a way that no one else will ever do, but along with his love comes pain and hurt. Jamie has to see everything that has happened between them before Scot can be sure what Jamie wants. Running between Jamie and Rafael is hurting him but how can he turn from his beloved Jamie when he is the only person who can help him find the truth.

All four of them are on a painful journey, one that can end only one way, even more painfully. Scot is the only one who can see the future, he is the only one who can understand what is to come and he dreads it with every breath he takes. When the end comes, when Jamie sees what has happened, what will remain of the love and passion that they both feel?
When the truth is out and Jamie see’s what he has spent years hiding inside his mind will it be time for Scot to step back and continue with his beautiful Rafael and let Valerio take Jamie from him? Or will he and Jamie be able to be the couple that he has always wanted them to be?

Caroline’s View:

There is so much wrong with the way the three main characters of this series live their lives but I find the story line truly addictive! No matter how many times Jamie tells himself he loves Valerio and promises himself he will be faithful the lure of Scott is too much yet the reason why is partly still a mystery.

The story has moved on a year and Jamie is having regular flashbacks and remembering his past. He spends the majority of his time with Valerio and they are now living together and waiting for their new home to be finished. They have moved to London, kind of a fresh start, and it helps Jamie stay away from Scott.

Scott is still with Rafael and is engaged to be married. I think the engagement was more to jolt Jamie’s memory than to show a declaration of love and it certainly had the desired effect. Jamie and Scott text and email in their quest for making Jamie better but every time they are physically together it is a struggle to not end up in bed together.

This part of their journey is very much about looking into the past. The more time Jamie spends remembering and having flashbacks the more obvious it becomes that he had a very different relationship with Scott than the one he remembers. It also becomes more obvious that it is not only Scott hiding the truth from him but his entire family. The question is why and whether they have all done more damage than good.

As usual the story takes place all over the world and the wealth these men have make it possible for them to have everything they want, everything except peace, happiness and truth.

Towards the end of the book it is clear that pretty soon we are going to have Jamie’s secret finally revealed but I’m not left with the impression that it’s going to make their lives any easier. Scott is terrified and as much as he and Jamie have tried to hide their time together Valerio is not as unaware as they think and he will take drastic measures to keep the man he loves but hopefully it won’t damage the progress already made.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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