Hidden Truth – The Hidden Series Book 1 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

17791095 Title: Hidden Truth – The Hidden Series Book 1

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Set against the back drop of the cities of Monte Carlo, London and the beautiful snow covered mountains of Switzerland meet three men who are fighting their way through the hidden truths of their complicated pasts. Their lives are intertwined in more ways than they can see and only working through the truths hidden deep within each of them can they free themselves and find the love that they are searching for. Each of them need the other in a way not even themselves can understand.

This is the first of three books following the complicated lives of Jamie Burton a three time Winter Olympic gold medallist, Valerio Capelli an Italian bike racing protégé and Scot a billionaire business genius. All three are stunning and sexy in different ways. All three desire the same thing, sex, love and freedom from their pasts.

Jamie Burton is an enigmatic, beautiful, intoxicating person who entices those around him without him even trying. He’s someone who appears to have it all. Good looks, good nature, wealth. How appearances can be deceiving. He has a crippling emotional fear of love and relationships stemming from his painful childhood. Mix that with his obsessive compulsion to remain clean and controlled and Jamie has no chance at falling in love. That may change when he meets Valerio Capelli. An innocent curly haired eighteen year old Italian bike racing protégé who lives life to the fullest and races at two hundred miles an hour on the world’s fastest racetracks. He’s warm and relaxed and undecided about his sexuality. Everything Jamie is afraid off but he can’t stop the pull this enigmatic creature has over him.

Just like Jamie Valerio is hiding the truth about his past, only by overcoming his fears and his hidden pain can he truly move on.

Valerio may be Jamie’s future but his past is constantly around him. Meet Scot the intense but stunning business man who appears to have nothing with Jamie apart from their passionate sex life. He’s a billionaire playboy who is controlled arrogant and powerful but weak around Jamie. When they meet both are lost and not just in their lust for each other but from the hidden secrets in their past.

He sees things in Jamie that even he can’t see, the truth shines from his black eyes tempting Jamie back into his arms I a way he doesn’t understand.

All three have hidden the truth for so long about so many things. All have dark issues which can’t be spoken about.

What’s hidden in the fog of Jamie’s mind? What’s missing?
Can these two men in his life help free him from his pain? Or will they push him the edge of his sanity in their attempts to make him love?

Caroline’s View:

This is a long story delving into the lives of 3 men with a whole lot of sex but behind the bed hopping there is a story panning out that is so full of twists that in the end its 429 pages don’t actually feel like enough.
If you have read Hidden Child you will have already met Jamie. That book tells his story, through his eyes, as a four year old child and it is heartbreaking. The events from that book have made Jamie the man he is today and that man is shutoff and struggling. In his own words he is an empty vessel, incapable of loving and never allowing anyone too close. He has OCD issues and seems to live with fog surrounding him which prevents him looking into his past and helps him black out anything traumatic. He is a character in this series that you can be sure is blocking out some pretty big issues and is heading for a meltdown.
Jamie has known Scott since a child although they were never close. Two years ago they met at a party and have been sleeping together ever since. For the sake of his strict and sometimes violent father Scott has a girlfriend he intends to marry but in reality he is in love with Jamie. The thought of Scott loving him has Jamie in a tail spin, their relationship is often volatile but there are secrets hidden there as well. Scott is a true badass but shows a softer side when with Jamie and allows him to dominate him sexually.
Valerio is a rising motorbike racing star that is living with his own ghosts from a traumatic past. He has no problems remembering his demons as they visit him in his nightmares all too often. His racing partner Angel is Jamie’s brother and the man has a huge crush on Jamie that he is determined to keep secret as he keeps himself firmly ensconced in the closet. That situation changes after a drunken night in Japan when Jamie ends up looking after Valerio after one too many drinks.
The two develop a friendship that initially involves a lot of flirting. This ends up being a ménage without the three if that makes sense, there are three of them in the relationship but only two in a bed at a time, as Jamie hops from one bed to another. For a few weeks it is very muddled and Scott and Valerio hate each other. For the first time ever Jamie finds he can do battle with and beat his OCD monster and finds himself doing things with Valerio that he has never been able to do previously.
The end of the book ends on a cliffhanger so I am keen to get stuck into book 2 and find out what happens. These three men are so mixed up in the present whilst they are all trying to deal with their pasts that I’m sure it will be good and quite probably difficult.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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