LE Franks talks Snow Globe ~ Retro Reads Author Spotlight, Exclusive Giveaway, Interview

Prism Book Alliance would like to thank LE Franks for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Dreamspinner Press, Snow Globe. Prism recently reviewed Snow Globe. You can find the review here.



Retro Reads Spotlight with LE Franks

We are here today to talk about Snowglobe. What can you tell us about it?

Snow Globe was completely unexpected – it came out of my desire to write a story for Dream spinner’s annual Advent Calendar. That year’s theme was “Heartwarming” and at the time I couldn’t dredge up an original idea for a heartwarming Christmas story that hadn’t been done a hundred times before. I’d given up on the idea of having anything to submit, when two days before the deadline the story for Snow Globe popped into my head. I spent the better part of the next two days writing it whenever I wasn’t at work or asleep and managed to submit it within seconds of the deadline.

All-in-all I think that limited time helped frame the story, written primarily from Kris’ perspective.

Tell us more about Kris & Tyr?

So this might be a little spoiler-ish but Snow Globe is a heartwarming short story. So the happy ending shouldn’t be a surprise… but as I wrote it I kept thinking “When I have time, I’ll fill this in.. I’ll add to that…” And time never was on my side. It turned out to be a blessing. It kept the language spare and focused and I used months to show the passing of time and the changing relationship between the characters. And in the end, you’re left with the moment of reconciliation between Kris and Tyr – but not what comes after… which is okay. Kris is settled. He’s at peace with himself. He’s wiser and ready to forgive, to love and be loved. But he’s not an emotional pushover. So I don’t worry about him. Tyr is a whole other story.

What about Snow Globe makes you the most proud?

Beyond the fact that I finished on time? I’m really proud about how well this story has been received, especially the character of Bun – who really is the heart of this story. It was a challenge to include disabilities in the story without making the characters themselves one dimensional. I hope I was successful.

If you could change one thing in Snow Globe what would it be and why?

I heard from a reader who objected to my representation of small town Minnesota, interpreting it as narrow minded and bigoted, and I feel bad about that. I needed a fictional holiday themed town in the north for my story so Minnesota got picked, primarily because I’ve been there. However my fictional town was meant to represent the kind insular attitude small towns can have. I grew up in one and the lines between those who belong and those who don’t can be very plainly drawn. And in a short story format there just isn’t the room to explore all the nuances of small town living to grant the broader perspective and give deeper context to the relationship between the town and Kris—which is a key plot point. Fictional towns are fictional for a reason. But my apologies to any offended Minnesotans – it wasn’t my intention, I love your state.

Do you have inspiration images for Kris & Tyr?

It’s funny – they came into being as characters so fast that I never had time to look until we started shopping for photos for the cover (which were impossible to find for Kris – so let’s all pretend he got a horrible bang cut and tucked the rest of his long hair into his knit cap). In my head Kris reminds me of one of the cover artists we know. Though the personalities are completely different, they do share a quirky coolness that I’ve always admired and the same gorgeous hair.

And when I think of Tyr, he reminds me of my next door neighbor when I was in high school – a blonde god of a football player a couple of years ahead of me – he’d come and knock on my window in the middle of the night and we’d roam the streets together until it was too cold for my bare feet. He’d piggyback me home with my toes in the pockets of his down jacket… it was always a dangerous combination between conflicted desire and care taking which is Tyr in spades. The subconscious at work I guess.

  1. Will we be hearing more from Kris & Tyr in the future?

I’d like to tell Tyr’s story – which I have outlined. While Kris’ story is pretty straightforward, Tyr is the character that has the most growing to do. In Snow Globe you only get hints of Tyr’s backstory, the fact that he’s left his life as a gay man living and working in Chicago only to find himself shoved into a closet by circumstance. There’s a lot of room to explore the storyline in Snow Globe from Tyr’s perspective.

Anything else you want to tell us about Snow Globe?

Dreamspinner has just released Snow Globe as an audio book for this season and I love it. Dave Gillies, a Scottish voice actor did a spectacular job—and if you’re a sucker for accents like I am, this one is bliss.


What do you want to tell us about some of your other titles?

I’m working on the sequel to 6 Days to Valentine – which continues the story arc four weeks later. I think the characters in this series are my favorites – certainly Fat Boy came out of nowhere and upended my story line—so much for remaining in the wings, extra!

And my Novella – Can This Be Real made it to the finals for this year’s The Rainbow Awards which was a great honor. In this story I have a cop who lost his sense of smell and a chef who wants to feed him. Again playing with the themes of acceptance.

Rapid Fire Time

  • Morning or night? Night
  • Love Story or Thriller? Thriller
  • Porsche or Prius? Porsche all the way
  • Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla – but only the good stuff.
  • Australia or England? England
  • Country or City? City
  • Handcuffs or Rope? Rope
  • Music or TV/Movies? Movies

What are you working on? What is next?

As I mentioned earlier I’m working on sequels in between jobs and life but I’m looking forward to finishing the Nick Valentine series as well as Tyr in the coming year. Beyond that life is unpredictable.


Title: Snow Globe
Author: LE Franks
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Sara York
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Winter Holiday


Kris Hamilton escaped the rat race in LA to live his dream of owning an art studio and making snow globes in a Christmas-themed town in northern Minnesota. But life in a tiny town isn’t as peaceful as advertised, and being treated like an outsider is making Kris’s Tourette’s flare up. When he inadvertently offends Tyr Tollefson—a beautiful blond giant of a man—Kris is ready to chuck it all. But he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Tyr’s cousin Bun, who shows them the magic of Christmas and gives them both a lesson in love and acceptance.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar package “Heartwarming”.

About the Author:

LE Franks lives in the SF Bay Area, surrounded by inspiration everywhere. After years of ignoring the voices in her head, LE is finally taking off the filters and giving the stories free rein. These days, she can be found frequently writing about sexy men who desperately need a happily ever.

LE writes M/M romance in a unique mix of humor and drama with enough suspense to produce fast-paced stories filled with emotion and passion and featuring characters that are quirky and complicated. Don’t expect the typical rugged hero or sophisticated businessman with the world at their feet; LE’s men are living in the margins—they’re in the middle of their journey, doing the best they can while searching for a connection to something bigger than themselves. With a little effort and a lot of luck they may actually find their happily-ever-afters.

When not writing, LE wrangles an odd assortment of jobs (six—at last count), houseguests (including pro baseball players), family, and friends. Manifesting an odd combination of contradictory talents and traits, LE is tragically honest and personally deceptive, and makes the best piecrust—ever.

LE Franks and her writing partner Sara York are finalists in the 2013 Rainbow Awards.

E-mail: le.franksbooks@gmail.com
Website: http://www.lefranks.com/
Blog: http://lefranks.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LEFranksAuthor
Twitter: @boxtersushi
Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/boxtersushi

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  1. I enjoyed Snow Globe when I read it recently – appropriately heartwarming! I liked the pride and prejudice feel too

    Littlesuze at hotmail dot com

    • That makes me happy Suze! Thank you. I hadn’t really picked up on the P&P feel, but now that you mention it… that tricky subconscious at play again. P&P is one of my ‘go-to’ books to read when nothing else seems interesting. I have a red leather edition on my bookshelf that I turn to to brighten my mood. Happy Holidays! – LE

  2. I really adored this story with Kris and Tyr and had wished the ending was longer. I’m thrilled that there will be a sequel. I enjoyed how the story did cover snow globes and Kris designing them too.

      • Yeah, I never know. Better safe than – right?

        Thank you Jbst for your wonderful words about Kris & Tyr. I did some research on making moulds and I could practically feel the clay in my hands as I wrote that scene. I wanted to see Kris at work.

        🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas & Good luck!

    • You’re really welcome Jen! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Brandilyn asked some tough questions that actually made me dig a little deeper. 🙂 Merry Christmas! LE

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and the authors thoughts and inspiration behind her Christmas story. Especially Tyr being based on a LE Franks teenager friend and I wonder if he knows that this character is based upon him? I have a happy and sweet image of the giant football star carrying you piggyback with your cold feet kept warm in his pockets.

    Thank you for a chance to win a ARE gift card and I look forward to reading your books:)

    • Hi Sula22! I think tommy is safe in blissful ignorance 🙂 I wonder what he would think? Thank you for commenting and sending me back in time once more. I kind of wish there was a foot-warming-football player around tonight, though I suspect my own teenager would be horrified. Good luck in the contest & have a wonderful Christmas. – LE

    • You’re welcome H.B.! I’m here all week! (literally, I think the contest ends just about then 😀 )
      Good luck in the contest and have a wonderful holiday season. – LE

  4. I just read Snow Globe last month, and loved it so much! I’m so excited to hear that we’re going to learn more about Tyr. 😀

    • Thank you Ashley – it still is amazing to hear that someone has read (must less likes) something I’ve written. You’ve made my day! Have a wonderful Christmas! – LE

  5. Aww – that sounds so nice <3 Glad you could pull it off, but what a deadline! *whew*

    Btw – the link for the review doesn't work for me 🙁

    • Oh no Neene – sorry about the broken link. I’m not sure which one failed you, but at least you’re here. Thank you for taking the time to track this down and read it ! Good luck in the contest and have a wonderful Christmas. – LE

  6. The story sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway. When my children we younger they gave me snow globes for Christmas. Not the little ones, but those elaborate music box snow globes. I have 8 of them. The are very pretty. Unfortunately for me I live in a small apartment now so I cant display them. Hope you have a Happy Holiday season.


    • Thank you Denise – my daughter has a collection of snow globes as well. The first one I bought for her nursery was a musical globe playing John Lennon’s Imagine. There’s always something a little magical about shaking one up and watching the snow blizzard around before settling. Good luck in the contest & have a wonderful Christmas! – LE

    • Awwww… Thank you so much Nikki. I really wanted Tyr to man up in the end – regardless of consequences. Good luck in the contest and have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. This is one I haven’t read (but I own it so I absolutely should and will!), but I loved the background on it. I think sometimes short deadlines are better, no time to fuss over things, just straight into ‘get it done’ mode. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • OK, I read it! It was wonderful. 🙂 It was even more fun reading it thinking about you whipping it up in two days and getting it done just in the nick (St Nick? ha!) of time. And I now get what you meant about the bad bang cut and the knit cap. 😀

      Also, I’m going to have to listen to a sample of the audiobook. With the audible sale going on right now, I’m feeling like it might be great to listen to this story, too.

      caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com

      • Hi Carolyn! I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for buying it and giving it a chance. If you do listen to the audible version be prepared for a lovely Scottish accent by our narrator Dave Gillies – It’s a little off putting to some, but I felt like his lyrical approach matched Kris’ linguistic challenges much better than the other American actors I had to select from. (That and I’m a sucker for accents.) Best Wishes & Good luck in the contest! – LE

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