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Join us as Sue Brown goes Outside the Margins.

Sue-Brown-OTMI’m a Londoner born and bred. Okay, a surburban Londoner, but I’ve never lived far away from London. My mum was a true cockney, my dad from North London. Me, I’m a south Londoner. My brother has traced our family tree back for several centuries. We are a family of dirt-poor servants always living in London. Nothing much changes there then.

However I adore my city and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Once I took the plunge to set my books in the UK rather than America – and it was a risk – I made a decision to indulge my love of London. I haven’t written nearly enough books celebrating the old, the new, the frankly bizarre parts of London.

The With A Kick series co-written with Clare London (also a Londoner!) is based around Covent Garden. I walked through there on Christmas Eve and found Covent Garden had been decorated with balls, lots of swinging balls. How appropriate. It was very pretty and led to some fairly inappropriate jokes with my ex.


One of my favourite places to be is the South Bank – think walking from London Eye and the Royal Festival Hall to the Tate Modern. At the weekend you can look at the outside second-hand book stalls. There’s always something of interest going on, music to listen to and people to watch. I love watching people.

I think watching people is one of most exciting things to do. I can’t deny I’m a nosy parker. Who are you? What are you doing? Where do you live? I think that’s part of being an author. You are always watching and listening. Or perhaps I’m just nosy 😉


BallsAndBells_500 Title: Bells and Balls
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary

Rob Barker had plans for his weekend and they didn’t involve struggling through the pre-Christmas crowds with the five-year-old niece he barely knows. Left with no choice, he grudgingly takes Pearl to see the sights of London, but instead of following the list his sister-in-law gives him, Rob takes her to With A Kick, an ice-cream shop with a difference.
His plan is foiled when he discovers With A Kick is closed for a private children’s party, but the owners kindly let Pearl join in. Rob’s mood improves considerably as he watches Father Christmas hand out presents. Not only is Santa a hot red-head under the beard, he is also one of his rugby team-mates, Mick, a man Rob has always lusted after. After Mick confesses a mutual interest, he agrees to meet Rob at With A Kick’s evening party. And at this party, there are definitely no kids – or girls – allowed.

~ Sue Brown

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5 thoughts on “London ~ Sue Brown: Outside the Margins

  1. Fascinating post Sue. I love finding out why authors set their books in a certain location. Your decision to set yours in England/London made me wonder about my decision (so far at least) to set my solo books in Ireland. Sure, that’s where I live but I was born and raised in and around Amsterdam, which should be a more than wonderful location to set all sorts of stories. Maybe it is because I can’t imagine writing about Amsterdam in English.

    Also, Bells and Balls sounds fascinating. I may have to travel to Amazon and get myself a copy 🙂

  2. Great post, Sue!
    I enjoy watching people, too. I am not much of a conversationalist, so watching what is going on around me is what I normally do.
    I love reading books set in England, and am looking forward to the With a Kick series! Loved the first two!

  3. I love books set in England and those set in London are an extra bonus. I was lucky enough to live there for a few years and since I can’t visit as often as I would like to, visiting by reading about loved places is a good way to tide me over.
    So far I’ve only read Hissed as a Newt but will get the others in the series soon.

  4. I too am a Londoner born (Greenwich) and bred, (London Borough of Bexley), I don’t live in London now but always miss the place. Love reading all of your books Sue, but this ‘With a Kick’ series with Clare London touches my heart as well as my funny bone. Wishing you great success in 2015.

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