Moonstruck by Shannon West ~ Book Review by Caroline

23389109 Title: Moonstruck

Author: Shannon West

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Special Agent in Charge Jaden Malik’s meeting with the old gray alpha was the first step in an attempt to convince him a fight by his pack against their removal by the Bureau of Lupine Affairs or the BLA would not only be futile but would lead to their utter destruction. When he’s attacked by the son of the old alpha, he takes the handsome man hostage to ensure the pack’s cooperation and then finds to his horror that the man is his mate.

Tyler Jenkins is furious at his capture and Malik’s plans to take his pack to one of the government preserves for wolf shifters. Malik is a shifter himself, and Tyler can’t understand how he can betray his own kind. Tyler’s pack has evaded capture for over thirty years, since the camps were first created, and he has no intention of being put behind bars. Despite his growing attraction to Jaden, Tyler manages a dangerous, daring escape with his pack, turning the tables on Malik by putting him in his own silver handcuffs and taking him with them.

Tyler has only one chance to save what’s growing between them. He has to make it good or risk losing his lover and his mate forever.

Caroline’s View:

What a fantastic start to a new series.

World building, a very different and not so wonderful life for shifters and the introduction of some great characters that hopefully we will see much more of as the series expands.

Shifter’s don’t have a great life in this story. They are rounded up like cattle, taken from their homes and housed in compounds around the country. Their children are taken from them to be trained as future agents and life as they knew it ends abruptly.

The BLA (Bureau of Lupine Affairs) is a Government Department responsible for rounding up all the packs and will use any force necessary. The teams of agents are made up of large aggressive wolves who have had any compassion they may have once had trained out of them. They truly don’t see they are wrong in imprisoning their own kind on the orders of humans who are afraid of them.

Jaden Malik is one of these agents and leads a team which includes two of his brothers. He was taken away from his family as a small child and trained by the Government to go out and continue their work. He has no compassion, not even for his brothers, and has no compunction about using excessive force to get the job done.

His latest mission is to ‘persuade’ a pack of grey wolves to pack up their home and move to a compound but when the alpha’s son, Tyler Jenkins, doesn’t cooperate Jaden ends up holding him hostage until the negotiations turn in his favour.

The dichotomy comes when Jaden realises that Tyler is his mate. How can two men on different sides, who believe in different things and whose lives are wrapped up together in a war of sorts be expected to ever get along? At the same time how can they be strong enough to ignore the mating pull that wants to entwine them so tightly together they will be able to read each other’s thoughts. The pull of the bond is too strong for even a stubborn and cold wolf like Jaden to ignore and once that bite is given all bets are off.

A daring escape plan leads to the hostage situation being reversed and the two men at each other’s throats once again. The love and support that Tyler offers his pack strikes a chord with Jaden and his brothers and slowly memories from their past creep in and they begin to question what their life may have been like if circumstances had been different. When a BLA team member with a grudge catches up with them things change drastically and decisions have to made in the blink of an eye. Jaden must finally decide what means the most to him and where his priorities lie.

I really enjoyed this story and it has left me excited to see what happens as the series continues.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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