Three in a Dungeon by S M Johnson ~ Book Review by Caroline

17667260 Title: Three in a Dungeon

Author: S M Johnson

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Is love enough to forsake power exchange?

Roman and Jeff are building a new life in Minnesota, even though Jeff’s been insisting since the accident that he just wants to be vanilla. A funny thing, though, Jeff’s BDSM erotic fiction is quickly becoming the latest Amazon Indie success story, which makes Roman wonder… if Jeff is still kinky in his head, what about his heart?
The local fetish community is a lot different in this town than in the club Roman created in New York City. Roman admits that he’s a fetish snob, but still, an inexperienced local boy has managed to capture and keep his interest. Roman is determined to integrate his own controlling tendencies, Jeff’s imagination, and Jason’s submission into something that feels like home.

70,000 words, Gay erotic fiction, BDSM, M/M, and soft M/M/F

Caroline’s View:

This book has me all over the place.

Jeff is finally well on the road to recovery and it looks as though he and Roman are working to sort out their relationship. As Jeff still has hospital appointments to attend they both move in with Vanessa for a couple of months and this is where it goes wrong for me.

We have got to know Jeff through the first two books so we know how much he values his friendship with Vanessa. We also know that he doesn’t even like to watch heterosexual couples kissing but suddenly he is enjoying watching Vanessa sexually and wants a threesome. It just didn’t work for me; it felt forced and wrong on so many levels.

Roman and Jeff haven’t been intimate with each other for months, they are both gay men yet they choose their first time together to bring Vanessa into the fray.

When they finally move to Minnesota, just the two of them, it’s uncomfortable for both of them. They don’t seem to be able to settle around each other and memories of their pasts, along with their indiscretions, plague them. When they end up in bed together, without the kink, something seems to slide back into place, allay their fears, and I can’t help thinking this is what it should have been like when they first got back together instead of having it with Vanessa.

Back in New York Zach and Dare have fallen in love. They are comfortable with each other and Dare is concentrating on his career. The reason Roman was initially attracted to Dare so much was the fact that he recognised the submissive in him and although Dare feels like his life is going in the right direction there is still the submissive side of him not being attended to. Nothing proves this more than when he meets Roman for lunch.

Zach is a sweetheart and recognises that something is missing and through trial and error tries to give Dare the part of their relationship he is missing. The only problem with this is that Zach is not a dominant and fractures start to appear. Then Thomas appears on the scene and we are left wondering how that dynamic is going to play out.

Jumping forward 4 months and the baby has been born and for the first time ever I find Vanessa’s changed attitude appealing as she no longer appears to want to be the woman between two gay men. Roman and Jeff still have a long way to go and lots of issues to resolve which include where Romans new sub Jason fits in with their extended family.

The second half of the book was easier for me to read than the first. I felt Jeff and Roman were finally moving forward albeit slowly. When Roman makes a startling discovery into what Jeff needs rather than relying on what he thinks Jeff needs it finally feels as though these two might actually make it. Vanessa may have also found what she needs and thank god it isn’t in between Jeff and Roman!

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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