Watching Balls On New Year’s Eve: CalPac Crew flashfic ~ Christopher Koehler: Outside the Margins

Join us as Christopher Koehler goes Outside the Margins.

Christopher-Koehler-OtM-2Watching Balls On New Year’s Eve

a CalPac Crew Story

Christopher Koehler

Nick Bedford sat at his desk, his books and journal articles and lab notebooks spread out around him. Too bad his attention hadn’t joined him, but that had departed for the winter break along with his boyfriend, Morgan Estrada. He was bummed that they hadn’t spend the winter holidays together, but he couldn’t exactly force Morgan to take him home for Christmas, all wrapped up in a big red bow.

He snickered at the thought. Both thoughts, really. Forcing Morgan to take him home and being packaged in a ribbon. No one could force Morgan to do anything if he wasn’t ready, it was just that Nick had thought they were…. He forced his mind away from that line of thinking. No good could come of it.

So Nick dragged his attention back where it belonged and attempted to study while pretending his attention hadn’t been shot since Morgan had left. He snorted. And to think that Morgan’s older brother Tony had thought that he would interfere with Morgan’s studies.

Morgan was supposed to be back soon. Where was he?

Then Nick’s cell phone rang, and he jumped like a spooked cat. “Yeah?”

“Yeah? That’s all I get? Yeah?”

Nick smiled, at ease for the first time in days. “Hi, Morgan.”

“That’s better. Are you busy?”

“Just trying to study.”


“It’s not working very well.”

“Good, then you can come down to the parking lot and help me carry some bags up. I’ve got a ton of stuff to bring up.”

“I’ll be right down.” Nick smiled and shook his head. They didn’t officially live together yet, but Morgan seemed to be moving in by inches, and that suited him just fine.

Fifteen minutes and ten trips later, and Nick saw that while Morgan had been exaggerating it wasn’t by much. He looked at the bags—literally bags—of tamales on his kitchen counter. “This is insane. Neither of us can eat all of this.”

“There are even more bags in the car for me to take back to my apartment to share with Stuart.”

Nick whipped his head around to stare at his boyfriend and Morgan actually giggled. “I should’ve warned you about Latin families and tamales. Here’s how it goes: ‘We’re having twenty people over after Las Posadas, so we must make fifty thousand tamales because there might not be enough food’. That’s literally how my mother thinks. Talk to Stuart about my mother and food. He’ll give you an earful.”

“Las Posadas sounds neat. I wish I could’ve seen it.” Nick felt sentimental suddenly. Morgan’s family seemed so…vibrant, so full of love and life. His own family wasn’t. He barely spoke to them, in fact, which was why he spent major holidays with Drew’s family.

Morgan blanched. “Oh no, there’s no way I was exposing you to my family this soon. I want to keep you.”

“Morgan, may I remind you I’ve met your family?” Nick loved that his boy’s reactions to his own family bordered on the hysterical.

“No, you’ve met my parents and various brothers in small doses.” Morgan laughed mordantly. “You’ve never met the entire posse and certainly not all at once. Oh no, we’re not doing that until I’ve got you tied down, locked up, and so besotted you’ll never get away.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that.” Nick looked at Morgan in a way he knew made the other man squirm.

“Next year, I promise. Once my lease is up with Stuart and we’re living together.” Morgan looked at him with what Nick thought of as that special light in his eyes, the one only he saw. “Next winter, we’ll head out as soon as both our classes are done and you can live the entire Estrada Holiday Experience. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Then Morgan did one of Nick’s favorite things ever. He wrapped himself around Nick and kissed him in a way that made him feel underage.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” Morgan said when he was done.

Nick shook his head to clear it. Morgan still had that effect on his and Nick hoped he always would. “Tonight?”

“It’s New Year’s Eve. Are we going out?” But Morgan started nibbling on that place where his shoulder met his neck and how was he supposed to drive in that condition?

Nick craned his neck for better access. “Why would I want to go out?”

“Okay, hon, we’re staying in, but no jokes about balls dropping.”




© 2014 Christopher Koehler

~ Christopher Koehler

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