Wings of Destruction by Victoria Zager ~ Book Review by Beverley

I was drawn to this novella because I wanted to see how the author approached the subject of asexual romance, and it had a beautiful cover. This is what I found…

Wings of Destruction Title: Wings of Destruction

Author: Victoria Zager

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: London Burden

Rating: 2.75 of 5 Stars


Society has collapsed, driven to madness after a great economic crash. Gangs roam the streets, taking any man, woman or child without a Mate for their own.

Martin is on the brink of despair, an asexual man who cannot keep a Mate. Facing a life he cannot bear, he heads to Spire Rock to end it. But when he reaches it, he encounters Anael, an angel sent to assess the world for destruction—and the first to accept Martin exactly as he is.

Teaming up with former gang concubine Sarah, they journey to the Tower of Elysius to end the world. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems, and some angels have plans of their own…

Beverley’s View:

Well, this novella started off with a very dystopian vision of our world after an economic collapse. The cities are full of amoral gangs, violence, sexual slavery,  torment and killings and brutality without conscience. One trying to survive in this nightmare is Martin, an asexual man, whose relationship has broken down again because of his asexual nature.

The picture was depressing in the extreme and after his failed suicide attempt, when he meets the angel of love, Anael (terrified of spelling that incorrectly) I waited for the uplifting and life affirming part of this story. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and things went from bad to worse in many senses. As it was purposely pointed out that the angel was male but without genitalia I wanted a love story, which illustrated that love without sex existed. Unfortunately, it turned into a strange Buffyesque world where Martin is always rescuing Anael from fates worse than death.

Along, with sympathetic, ‘Sarah’, who Anael rescues before needing rescuing himself, they have a short road trip to a tower, to end the world, as instructed by the angel Gabriel. I shan’t detail all that happens obviously, but the author includes parts from Greek myth, Judaism, New Testament, and some fine imaginings, to create a very confusing world of Angels, who may or may not be demons, God who speaks in Capital letters and satanic rituals where satan doesn’t appear to exist. The writing style was very simplistic, which made the story seem a little silly.

I found the judgements made by various religious icons to be very ‘judgemental’, and an epilogue, which was too, too sweet.  I was disappointed because asexual romance should be a trope we see in our blog to review, and I think this is the first that has come across my kindle. The intentions were admirable but it did seem to say that the only asexual love available was with a religious being with no genitalia. Additionally, any connection to sex in any sense was portrayed as corrupting, evil and dirty, and sexless love was pure and a religious experience, which as far as I’m aware is not what being ‘ace’ means.

Kudos to the author for working to correct the dearth of ‘ace’ romances.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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One thought on “Wings of Destruction by Victoria Zager ~ Book Review by Beverley

  1. I have lately been considering writing a story about asexuality, but I would base it in real life, not fantasy. Still, it sounds like an interesting premise. And yes, the cover is amazing.

    • Theo that would be a story I should love to read. I think regardless of sexuality…love, as opposed to sex should be featured more in a genre supposedly about romance. I think an ace love story would be a wonderful way to express that.

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