A Look Back at 2014 by Feliz ~ Sunday Spotlight by Feliz


A Look Back at 2014 by Feliz:

My Sherry

What I’ll always remember 2014 for was the loss of my beloved dog, Sherry. She was only ten years old and died from brain metastases of the breast cancer she developed three years previously. I’ve had to hear it many times: “what are you makin such a fuss about, it’s only a dog”. No, people. Sherry was a family member, a beloved living being, and I’ll never stop missing her.

I’ll never forget how we first got her, one of those “throwaway puppies” from a puppy mill, scared and skittish. She immediately disappeared under the corner bench and sat there shivering from fear for almost an hour–and I sat under the table, whispering and crooning at her until she crept out, into my lap–gave a BIIIIIG sigh and immediately fell asleep. From that day on, she was mine and I was hers.
She took her last breath in my arms in March 2014.
Someone once said: “My little dog–a heartbeat at my feet”. I didn’t want another dog–we still had my husband’s pup, Filou, after all–but my husband (who isn’t only the best of all men, but also my most trusted friend and who knows me better than I know myself) saw how much I missed my own little heartbeat, and he dragged me to a breeder, a real one this time.
I didn’t so much pick Emmi–she picked me. I actually had my eye on her sister, a beautiful black cocker spaniel. But then this tiny red roly-poly bundle of joy sat down on my foot and refused to budge. When I picked her up, she was all over my face with kisses, and that was it. We brought her home in May, and I hope many happy years with my sweet, mulish, cuddly, hoggish, confiding little furry baby will be granted to me.

As for my writing year–courtesy of my lazy muse (yes, I’m talking to you mister!) my own writing left much to be desired. It wasn’t until NaNo rolled around that my creative juices started flowing again; I’m putting a lot of hope in 2015 in that regard.
On the other hand, I’ve found great joy in translating that past year. It’s a special kind of creative fun,translating; I find it a rewarding task, transferring an author’s voice into my own language and making the words I love so much accessible to people who’d otherwise remain shut out from a whole world of reading experiences. I even managed to infect one of my non-English-speaking friends with the m/m bug, so that should count for something… 😉

As a reader, I discovered my share of gems this year; to only name a few: Almost Mine by Eden Winters, This Is Not A Lovestory (The Hacker and His Hero) by A.E. Lawless, Undercover Blues by Chris Quinton, Spokes by PD Singer, Walk A Mile by Sarah Madison (FINALLY!!), Think of England by KL Charles, A Threefold Cord by Julie Bozza… sigh. So many great books, so little time. Many of those authors have become friends over the years, some even unwittingly through their books. Others I’ve met, in person or at least virtually, and a few of them have grown very dear to me.

Last but not least, I’m a passionate reviewer too, and after unfortunately losing my “reviewer habitat” twice consecutively (first Jessewave’s, then Mrs. Condit and Friends), it’s with pride and joy I’ve found a new home here at Prismbookalliance. I might not be able to be as prolific as many of my fellow reviewers, but I’ve never felt less than welcome and accepted here, for which I’m immensely grateful. I can hardly wait to meet some of you in person in Bristol!

So long, and Happy New Year to all !

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7 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2014 by Feliz ~ Sunday Spotlight by Feliz

  1. Dogs are the best. 😀 Our family lost Sparky more than a dozen years ago but I still think about her and she sends me off on my way each day as I walk out the front door, her pic hanging there, with her mouth hanging out, tongue lolling LOL.

    I’m glad Emmi “found” you.

    We’re glad you’re here!

  2. So sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 I may joke about how I wish someone would adopt my cat, but I know I would miss her something awful (as she steps onto my hands while I am typing this….maybe I am rethinking missing her lol.)

    Prism also took me in after Mrs. Condit closed her doors and isn’t it a wonderful place to be?

    I love how excited you are about your translating and many good wishes for your writing in 2015!

  3. Thank you so much for giving a piece of yourself to us. I understand how much it hurts to lose a fur child. I am sorry for your loss and pleased you have a new companion.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Sherry–I know that you will always miss her. I had to smile, though, when I read how Emmi chose you–I had the same thing happen to me. I was actively looking at the other pups in the litter, and I kept pushing away the pup at my feet who was worrying my shoelaces. I realized she was the only puppy there paying attention to *me*, and I took her home. Best. Dog. Ever.

    And then I outright grinned at your “FINALLY” after listing Walk a Mile among this year’s gems for you. Made my day! I promise, too, it won’t be that long before the next installment. 🙂

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