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Title: Porter’s Reaper
Author: Amber Kell
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre/Sub-Genre: M/M Romance, Paranormal


Death is a minor inconvenience in the path to true love.

When the God of the Underworld sends Alstair back to the Academy to help pick out a new headmaster, he doesn’t mention he put Alstair in for the job. Angered but willing to keep his word, Alstair discovers the headmaster position comes with more knots of deception than a sailor’s rope.

Porter Exton had a crush on Alstair. He’d watched Alstair train Elijah through the window and had spent more than one night dreaming of the Reaper. However, dreams were set aside in order to discover the truth about his death and if the man who killed him is responsible for the other deaths at the school.

Two men with different backgrounds need to discover what they have in common if they hope to save themselves from plotting gods, egomaniacs and possible killers.


Thank you for letting me share my book here at Prism Book Alliance.


I created The Wizard’s Touch Universe because I’d written a lot of vampires and werewolves and I thought wizards should get a chance.


Oddly enough as soon as I wrote the first few pages werewolves were introduced. How did those sneaky wolves get into my book? Sometimes stories wait to reveal their plot to me. They like to change their mind halfway through to slyly whisper their secrets. Sometimes the plot is in line with what I had thought, usually it isn’t.


I’m not a plotting sort of writer. I like the randomness of a story sharing its secrets with me as I go along. The few times I have plotted something out I ended completely changing the story anyway. A lifetime of daydreaming has ruined me for structured story time.


In Porter’s Reaper I didn’t know all about Porter when I started out. His abilities unfolded as I typed out the story. Alstair had a more straightforward character since I’d included more details about him in Elijah’s Ghost. As a couple they were a troublesome matching. Their personalities weren’t compatible and I didn’t understand where their story would go. Luckily Alstair is a bossy bastard and straightened me right up.


Dean the last of the unmated triplets also finds his mate in Porter’s Reaper. Poor lonely Dean who’s been unlucky in love had his eye on a pretty wolf shifter. The child from that mating will be the focus of the last Wizard’s Touch book which is coming soon.


Here is an excerpt from Porter’s Reaper:


“Can I help you with something?” He didn’t remember asking a demon to bring him anything. “Hades thought you might need help with your trip. He requested I bring you some things. Here you go.” The demon handed over a blue backpack about the same shade as his skin. “This will have all the necessary items for your trip.” “Thank you, that’s very kind.” Porter took the bag while the demon laughed. The evil sound caused the hairs on his arms to rise. “I’m many things, little man, but kind isn’t one of them. Have a nice trip and maybe we can meet again when you get back.” The demon ran a forked tongue across his lips in a lascivious gesture. Porter slammed the door shut between them. Not his best moment but the demon freaked him out. No matter how many he ran into, he never knew how to respond. As a ghost he could create ectoplasmic swords. Now that he no longer had ghost energy, his natural powers were slowly coming back, apparently enough to stop his aging but not reverse it. Magic he’d never developed popped up in unexpected ways. Now he knew exactly how Elijah felt when dealing with his new abilities. He didn’t dare confess his problems to Hades in case he decided not to let Porter go with Alstair. The same with the Reaper—if Porter told Alstair about his problems with his magic, the Reaper might not let him go along. This could be his last chance to get justice for his death. More laughter came from the other side of the door, pulling Porter’s attention back to his unwanted visitor. Porter didn’t relax until the sound faded away. “Damn, I should’ve gotten his name, so I know who to avoid.” His list of annoying demons seemed to grow exponentially the longer he stayed in the Underworld. If he were smart he would’ve taken Hades advice and returned to the world above, a new soul with a new existence, but Porter still had things to accomplish before he accepted the transition into a new life. Pers hissed her displeasure. “I know, demons are annoying.” At least that’s what he thought she hissed about. For all he knew it could’ve been Porter’s mooning over Alstair she disapproved of. Porter set the Hellcat on his couch and opened the bag to peek inside. The small pack held an entire wardrobe of clothes along with toiletries, including a rather large container of lube and a super pack of condoms. “It must be enchanted,” Porter mused. “No way would all this fit in a regular backpack.”

About the Author:

Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming. It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building. When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun. During those seconds she isn’t writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of ‘what if’ and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration. Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name—two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer. Despite her husband’s insistence she doesn’t drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way. She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveres.

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