Beyond the Rift by Alana Ankh ~ Book Review by Teresa

Book 1 in the Elemental Lovers series

BeyondtheRiftLG Title: Beyond the Rift

Author: Alana Ankh

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Across the centuries, the Nikari, a race of vicious elemental mages, have built an empire, bringing an entire continent to its knees. The course of history seems set… until one innocent Andari mage changes everything and claims a greater prize—the heart of the Nikari emperor.

Behnivyr ‘Ivy’ Erethe knows his duty is to wed another Andari Pure-Blood. Craving one moment of freedom before his loveless bonding, he escapes his father’s suffocating protection and goes to a masquerade ball, only to unexpectedly meet a mysterious Nikari named Kris. Kris makes Ivy ache with a need he barely dares to acknowledge. One kiss, one dance—and Ivy’s life changes forever. Unbeknownst to Ivy, Kris is actually Kristelien Fezenda, the Nikari emperor. Forced to make a difficult choice, Ivy picks love over duty and becomes Kris’s concubine.

Poorly prepared for the whirlwind of emotion Ivy summons inside him, Kris now faces the hardest battle of his life. In a ruthless world where all weakness is exploited, where allies become enemies in the blink of an eye, where love can mean death, he will have to defeat more than his own personal demons to breach the rift between him and Ivy.


Beyond the Rift is a well-crafted fantasy tale filled with magic, intrigue, and love. The glossary at the beginning intimidated me at first and I feared I would be hopelessly lost, but I found the glossary unnecessary as all was laid out and explained easily within the text.

Ivy and Kris’s relationship started out like a fairytale: love (at least lust) at first sight, not knowing the other’s identity and a whirlwind coming together. However I appreciated that the author slowed them down and had them grow more naturally through the rest of the book. The ending was satisfying and the togetherness strong despite the trials they go through.

The series has an over arcing political intrigue plot that keeps the reader guessing and the story moving forward. I enjoyed the secondary characters, the magic and uniqueness of the setting and history.

I am greatly looking forward to the next book, which focuses on a different set of characters but delves more into the trouble experienced in this novel.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    • This is the second of her novels that I have read and both were four and half stars! I definitely recommend checking her out 😀

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