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Chris-Cox-OtMCan I get an Amen?

So I have this friend who came of age in the 1980s.  He dated a woman and tried to like it.  Finally, after a major failed attempt to be straight, which may or may not include a child, he admitted to them both that he was unchangeably gay.  Out of anger, out of fear for her own safety, the woman and her possible pregnancy moved with no forwarding address.

He says he understands. If anyone knew she had been dating a gay man, she might have been harmed.  It was the eighties where AIDS was an excuse for violence.

Even after all these years, Matthew Shepherd is never far from my friend’s mind.  He worries that he gives himself away in his gestures, in his stance and in his speech patterns.  (He doesn’t.)  He and his roommate (that’s what they call each other), who he has lived with and loved with for over 30 years, don’t  go out to restaurants together, certain that they will be outed and—what?  Beaten?  Yes.  That’s his fear.  Who said fear has to be rational?

Besides, how many of you just nodded your heads and said ‘it happens.’

His heart still skips beats when our mutual twenty-something writer friends, let’s call them Ernie and Bert because they’ll think that’s funny!—, proudly introduce each other as husbands.  He wishes they wouldn’t do that.  He wishes they would be discreet.  They might get hurt.  Others around them might get hurt, too.

Pickup trucks and baseball bats and dark country roads come to mind all to readily.

You think we’re beyond that?  I was with a church group last night that fell into a discussion about gays versus them.  Hearing these good church people talk–Yeah, it could still happen.

So my friend’s world is scary, hopefully more so in his own head than on the streets of our small Louisiana town. But he remembers when shadows on dark campuses might mean death.  He hasn’t forgotten that, once upon a time, people who didn’t even know him wanted him to not exist.

Ernie and Bert don’t live this.  They don’t live the fear that walks the edge of irrational. They don’t feel the wall of hate against them just because they are gay.  They even hold hands with the occasional kiss on the cheek in public.  Progress.

But if you live where I live, if you live where my friends live, you know that each small open gesture of affection still carries that little wince of fear.   So we still have a way to go.

Can I get an Amen?


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Meant To Be
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Tricked Up for Treats
Rusty signs up his fiancé, Sean for an amateur drag competition. The prizes are awesome but the real prize, the one Rusty is hoping they will win is the prize of letting Sean be himself for a night.
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Will Rusty be strong enough to hold their relationship together?

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~ Chris Cox

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Chris Cox’s Bayou Boys series is about deep relationships, about finding yourself as well as your soul mate, and about learning to feel right in your own skin.

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