Fall Down the Mountain by PD Singer ~ Audiobook Review by Brandilyn

FallDowntheMountainAUDLg Title: Fall Down the Mountain

Author: PD Singer

Narrator: Finn Sterling

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

eBook Release Date: 10/19/2012
Audiobook Release Date: 12/09/2014

Story Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


The Mountains: Book Three
2nd Edition

Every night ski patrol Mark McAvoy relives the avalanche that took a life on his watch. Emotionally fragile and single by choice, he’s aghast at his friends’ taking charge of his social life. Hosting a potluck will at least provide him with a good meal.

Invited to the potluck on a whim, Allan Tengerdie catches Mark’s eye—and taste buds. This cuddly chef could be perfect for a lonely, too-thin skier; too bad Allan falls better than he skis. When Allan’s injured and frightened he’ll lose his catering company, he’s afraid to ask too much of a man he barely knows.

Mark wants to help but has his own problems. Was the avalanche a tragic accident or cold-blooded murder? His role in the inquiry leaves Mark in trouble at work, at the mercy of the law, and with too much time on his hands. If he clings tightly to Allan, will they be swept away together?

First edition published by Torquere Press (2010).

Bonus Story: Storm on the Mountain

A blizzard shuts down the ski resort, giving Mark a chance to show Allan he’s learned from his mistakes. Does he know Allan well enough now to say what’s in his heart?

My View – Story:

Snow on the Mountain is the first story in PD Singer’s Mountain series that does not focus on Kurt and Jake. As such, I was curious about it. I didn’t like Mark much in the second book, but I didn’t completely dislike him. However, I went into this story somewhat cautiously. Turns out that caution was warranted.

Fall quickly had me questioning the purposes of the story for a few reasons. Overall it just felt like a way to stall the series because Kurt and Jake didn’t have another story to tell in the snow.

The first scene is a threesome. Admittedly, I am not a huge menage fan, but a threesome here and there isn’t a problem for me. Even if it is an existing couple taking a third for a night of fun, I pretty much just take it in stride as long as I can reconcile the scene/act with the characters themselves. Unfortunately, in the case of Kurt, Jake, and Mark, I could not make that reconciliation. I thought “surely he is going to wake up” numerous times throughout the scene. It just felt wrong. The explanations given for the scene felt weak and faulty. In all honesty, the whole scene served to further my negative opinion of Mark.

The second issue was the head hopping into characters who were not either of the main characters. This is a device I have rarely seen done well. Unfortunately, these scenes served to confuse and detract from the story rather than move it forward. The quick shifts were often hard to follow in the audio format. I don’t know if eBook format would have been any clearer, however.

While I enjoyed once again visiting Kurt, Jake and the people of Wapiti Creek, I don’t know that this installment did any of them the justice they deserved.

My View – Narration:

Finn Sterling narrated this title, which was a mix of first and third person. He did an admirable job with the story he was given.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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