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Join us as Andrew Q Gordon goes Outside the Margins.

Andrew_Q_Gordon_OtMGo Fly a Kite

Do you ever wake up and think–what the hell is going on? Yeah, me neither.

I used to think I had my life figured out. That I was happy. I have a wonderful husband that I’m about to celebrate 20 years with, a good job, a nice house and now a beautiful little girl. (who at the age of three has figured out how to wrap not one but two dad’s around her little fingers.) So why did I say ‘used to’? Because I got old.

I don’t mean old as in I’m fifty now – we all have to deal with getting older – I mean I let myself get old. Whatever happened to being Forever Young?

(Tell me that didn’t cure you of your longing to return to the eighties.)

I get that most of us need to grow up and tend to adult things, but why do we have to be old? Some reading this might wonder, what’s the difference between grown up and old. I think that’s a fair question and I’m not sure I’m qualified to give a definitive answer, but I believe there is a difference.

My defining moment came on Monday January 5, 2015. (Yeah, now epiphanies come with dates if you can believe it.) I had the day off and I drove ‘lil q to preschool. My new Jeep comes with Bluetooth and my 3 year old has learned that means Papa can now play her song on my phone over the car speakers. Right now, ‘lil q’s favorite movie/video is Mary Poppins – which, all I can say is that it’s better than Frozen. We’ve watched it several times, but she’s always asking to see various videos from the movie. That day she wanted to hear Let’s Go Fly a Kite.

And of course, when she gets out, she wants to hold my hand and wants me to skip with her up to the door as Mr. Banks does with his kids. And there it was. Adults don’t do suck silly things – at least not in public. If one must do such things, they are best confined in the privacy of one’s home to minimize the number of witnesses. So what did I do? – I did the exaggerated skip all the way to the door holding her hand.

She giggled and laughed and ‘made’ me keep doing it all the way to her classroom. We passed a couple other parents on the way, some who smiled, some who looked like I’d lost my dag gone mind. Who cares. Maybe I have, but I know that I left school that day with a great big hug and kiss from my girl and a smile on my face.

I’ve tried to keep what I share on-line positive and to avoid negative posts. (Thank you Jo, for that piece of advice when I was starting out.) I know there are times I fail, especially in private messages and emails, but I find I’m much happier when I focus on fun things – like skipping down the sidewalk with my three-year-old. (Seems obvious, right? So why haven’t I always followed that rule?) I smile every time I see Brandilyn’s ‘Daily Dose of Cute,’ partly because it is cute, but also because it captures the ‘fun’ of being a child.

Before anyone calls for a padded wagon to drag me off, I realize as adults we can’t function if we act like five-year-olds all the time. That isn’t what I’m saying. I recognize life isn’t always fun or fair. That people aren’t always nice. (Unfortunately as we’ve seen recently, sometimes people can be downright cruel and mean.) But there are, however, those moments where we do have a choice. And when we get those chances, I think it’s wise to take our cue from the little ones for whom having fun is a full time job.

So next time you have the chance, don’t pass up the opportunity to fly a kite, sing because it makes you happy or make a fool of yourself to see a child smile. It beats being grumpy any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Happy flying!


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~ Andrew Q Gordon

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5 thoughts on “Go Fly a Kite ~ Andrew Q Gordon: Outside the Margins

  1. Wonderful post! I actually find myself more comfortable being “ridiculous” in public now than when I was younger when I was stupidly easily embarrassed. I guess I’ve finally realized that the random person who wants to judge my behaviour isn’t important enough to stop my enjoyment anymore. Of course that’s not always true but I try to remember it as often as possible.

    I love the image in my head of you skipping with ‘lil q, I needed that smile this morning, thanks!

    • Allison,

      Thanks for reading and for the comments. I will however, draw the line at making a video of me skipping – after all I should have all the silly videos to show at her wedding, I can’t have her with a cache of silly video’s of me. 😀

      Happy Smiling. 😀


  2. I’m going to tell you a secret. Keep on acting silly in public. Because when the kid hits her teens, threatening to embarrass her in public (and meaning the threat) will become an effective method f behavior control. 😉

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