Hidden Away – The Hidden Series Book 8.5 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

20256249 Title: Hidden Away – The Hidden Series Book 8.5

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


After Jamie and Scot’s wedding, and the first few months of finding their feet as a married couple, Jamie sweeps Scot off for a romantic break at their lodge high in the mountains of Switzerland, and away from everyone else. Jamie plans to try out his new romantic ideas on his beloved husband.

This will be their first Christmas together as husband and husband and Jamie intends that his months of meticulous planning will go through without a hitch. It will be a beautiful, peaceful, non-eventful week with just the two of them. Spending time which they both need, alone and separated from their hectic lives back in the real world.

Well, that’s the plan. But when does anything in their life go that simple?

Two additional house guests arrive unexpectedly on their doorstep only two days into their idyllic break, ladened down with gifts and gossip, plenty of Christmas cheer and strong Italian wine. Oh, and their most recent relationship problems.


This is a little shortie that takes place just a few months after Jamie and Scot have married but already the cracks are showing. By taking Marcus to bed as a third Scot has opened a can of worms that has an unpleasant history and Jamie seems unable to move past it.

Jamie has planned a Christmas getaway for himself and Scott but things are tense and the chances of them having any fun seem small. Jamie has to make a concerted effort to forgive Scot and move forward and this is what he does by offering him back his kiss. Jamie is more than aware of the power of his kiss and what it means to his husband.

You can really feel the emotion in this book as the pair gets back on track and Scot finally shows Jamie just how deep his love and possessiveness runs. Jamie feeds off him and demands to be given everything. As always Nicole has written a couple of great sex scenes into the story where both men are demanding of each other and just a little out of control.

In the midst of them sorting themselves out Valerio and Rafael arrive on their doorstep. As a character Rafael has really grown and as Valerio’s partner he is a tough cookie who won’t be walked all over. Rafael hasn’t spoken to Valerio for three days and the man is at his wits end. Through strong wine, a lot of teasing and the pair listening to Scot and Jamie having hot and fast sex in the hallway they make up and go on their merry way the next morning.

Team Shark!!

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