Hidden Beginnings – The Hidden Series Book 7 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

21820132 Title: Hidden Beginnings – The Hidden Series Book 7

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


At fourteen, Valerio Capelli is a rising star in the world of Italian bike racing, an outgoing carefree ordinary person with an extraordinary talent. He already knows he is different from other boys, but until now that has remained his little secret and that’s the way it will always be. But when his parents split him up from his usual group of friends and he is forced to attend another school in the next village, his life is turned upside down by his new friendship with the most beautiful boy he has ever seen. Valerio is drawn to Rafael Rovella in a way he doesn’t yet understand.

An innocent love affair slowly develops but it is quickly taken from them both when, at fifteen, Valerio meets the mysterious Victor Gray at one of his races and his life changes forever. Valerio may have survived his traumatising night with Victor but what remains is far worse. Rafael and Valerio were in love and now that’s gone, taken by a man who Valerio will never be able to forget. Hurt, angry and full of shame, he has to hide what his true feelings are from everyone, including himself.

Struggling with his hidden past, Valerio can control his memories and protect Rafael from the truth during the day, but while asleep, Valerio’s dreams become living nightmares for the young couple. A nightmare which will never go away, and the unconscious vicious hatred that is building up within Valerio is spilling out in his sleep.

He has become the figure he hates so much and Rafael can’t be protected in his bed or in his life.

So many years are lost, so much heartache. Both move on and find love elsewhere but their relationships are following the same fractured, pain-filled path, one that they share with each other. Only when both are free can they begin to see what could have been, what should have been.

Is it too late for that innocent love to be rekindled? Have both come too far and experienced too much to go back to what they had?


If I am totally honest this was the book I was least looking forward to in the series. Valerio is the one character that I don’t feel connected to. I was totally Team Scott throughout the series but this book changed my mind on a few things especially towards the end. I think when Valerio is finally honest with himself and admits how he has always felt about Rafael he becomes a bit more likeable. I must just add that I love Rafael!

Valerio and Rafael meet when Valerio starts at a new school. They are both just starting to realise and experiment with their sexuality but Valerio realising that he prefers boys to girls leaves him deeply uncomfortable and his treatment of Rafael is not the best. They start to see each other, there is kissing and touching, but then that fateful night after his race Valerio meets Victor Gray and everything changes.

If you have read this series in order you know what happens to Valerio, how badly it affects him and how it will take him years and years to really recover. Whilst he is recovering from his injuries and hiding away from everything Rafael’s mother decides to call an intervention, she wants to reprogram her son and has him sent away to a ‘pray the gay away’ camp. He may not be physically abused whilst held there but mentally it affects him badly.

With everything that has happened to them both they miss their chance at being together for years to come but they remain in each other’s lives. Later it becomes very messy when they are involved with Scott and Jamie but this book makes you realise just how much they weren’t ever really over each other.

I really like the way the author repeats parts of the previous books stories but from a different point of view giving an entirely different viewpoint. There are things that I took for granted that this book completely changed for me, this was especially true for events concerning Raphael.

The epilogue jumps way ahead in years which makes me breathe a little easier as far as the rest of the series is concerned…..I am very much still Team Shark!!

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3 thoughts on “Hidden Beginnings – The Hidden Series Book 7 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

  1. I loved the entire series…I read Hidden Love first…and it was heartwrenching. I have NEVER been a Valerio fan. (I even told Nicole as much!) Something about him just grates me so bad I can’t even begin to describe how much I hated his character in the beginning. After this book, Hidden Beginnings, and reading his & Rafeal’s story, I don’t LOATHE Valerio as much, but I still don’t like him. I’m totally team Scott/Jamie.

  2. I felt exactly the same way about him! Funny how we all seem to love the bad boy Scott but I am Team Shark all the way! 🙂

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