Hidden Deceit – The Hidden Series Book 8 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

22823089 Title: Hidden Deceit – The Hidden Series Book 8

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: Self Published

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Scot and Jamie have been married for less than a year when the cracks in their relationship become gaping holes. Monte Carlo is full of rumours about them. Both are accused of having affairs. Both mistrust each other.
Jamie is ill and no one understands why. His past makes Scot believe he is hiding something, and that something is an affair with his sexy, dark haired private guard, Davide.

When Jamie and Davide disappear in Switzerland, Scot fails to see the truth and believes he has finally pushed Jamie too far. Pushed him into the waiting arms of Davide.

Kidnapped and being held against their will, Jamie and Davide are forced to be closer than either of them can bear. The attraction they share for each other is hard to keep at bay, even with the mystery of their imprisonment hanging over their heads.

Trying to unravel Jamie’s disappearance, Scot is thrown deeper into the dark past of his father and he has to work through the painful emotions he still has within him. When Scot believes he has no one left who he can trust. Someone returns to his life who he had long since buried. Someone who can help return Jamie to him, but at what cost?


This book is 508 pages long and it was nowhere near long enough! What a roller coaster ride this one was. This whole series has had me hooked from the start and it just keeps getting better and better. If I was to have one criticism it would be that it all the books could do with a good proofread – but the story is so good, the plot is so tight and the characters are so alluring that in the end I just didn’t care. I just wanted more, more, more story!

There is a real OMG feel to this story. I was excited reading about it and couldn’t put the thing down for hours. It defies logic, is certainly worthy of being a soap opera story but all the intricacies of the plot spanning over the previous books made it believable.

To tell you would be to spoil it so I won’t. I will say that it brought this book to life; it impacted on all the characters that I have grown to love. The Victores and The Burtons certainly never do anything easily.

There has been a game set in motion throughout this series by someone who has been extremely clever and manipulative. The thought that has gone into all of this is mind boggling and you have to acknowledge that Nicole Colville is a master at developing a gripping story line that suddenly ties everything together and changes how we see so much of the past.

The finale of this manipulation is that Jamie is kidnapped with his bodyguard Davide but there are no real plans for a ransom demand or release. This is not about money or gain but more about a twisted love that has left the puppet master with a sick reality of how his life will be. Jamie has to face a lot of demons from his past whilst held captive and he seeks comfort from Davide, a man who he has been crushing on, this is problematic as Davide returns those feelings with much greater intensity.

Scot is left devastated by the kidnapping and further traumatised by videos of Jamie and Davide. I think this is the first time in the series that Scot has ever shown any real weakness as he slowly starts to fall apart. Help comes from ghosts from the past but Scot will do anything to get his beloved Jamie back, he just hopes he gets him back in one piece and not lost his head once again.

Brilliant Nicole Colville, just brilliant!

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