Hold Tight (Willow Springs Ranch #2) by Laura Harner ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Hold Tight Title: Hold Tight (Willow Springs Ranch #2)

Author: Laura Harner

Publisher: Hot Corner Press

Cover Artist: Laura Harner

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Sheriff Holden Titus had organized his fresh start down to the last detail. Except for the part about the bomb that blew his plans all to hell. Now he’s running out of time, without a job, without a home, and struggling to get back on his feet. Literally.

Despite the impolite rejection, Drew knows he didn’t have the wrong impression months ago when he asked the sheriff to dance, but he never expected to have Holden’s life in his hands. Literally.

Thanks to some meddlesome matchmaking, the two men are now temporary housemates at the Willow Springs Ranch and Drew is determined to help Holden heal, both physically and emotionally. Even if it means he has to drag the other man kicking and screaming to physical therapy…and out of the closet. In fact, that might be kind of fun.

The problem is, Holden doesn’t consider himself in the closet…but not all secrets are created equal.


Hold Tight is book 2 in the WSR series and picks up after the horrible events at the end of book 1. We met Sheriff Holden Titus in book one. This is his story and revolves around his dealing with severe injury, losing the only job he has ever cared about, and coming to terms with loving a man.

There are a lot of facets to this story. Holden is dealing with so much. Grief for his lost job, anger over his injury, stress over what to do going forward, and uncertainty in his feelings for Drew. The author has created a relatable character and the story flows from there. Holden’s actions are driven by his emotions and often lead him to treat Drew unfairly. This leads to angst in their newly developing relationship and serves to point out areas that need work. It gave the relationship more depth, so when love came up, it did not feel so sudden. In fact, because of Holden’s anguish and emotions, I felt connected to the love story and was pulling for the HEA.

Ty and Cass are ever present and in this story they act as the voice of reason to point out, to both Holden and Drew, things they don’t understand or things they should look at differently. I liked seeing that their relationship was still so solid without them stealing the show. They were supportive and visible when needed, but yet still minor characters.

This story was not really plot driven. It was more focused on relationship and character growth. However, there was an air of mystery around Holden for a good portion of the story. The author dropped hints that there was more to Holden and his life than was presented this far and the reader eventually finds out why. The introduction of Alex, Holden’s son, brings another dimension to Holden’s character and pushes for more growth in his and Drew’s relationship.

Overall, book 2 in this series was a good read. It introduced more characters and continued to keep me interested in the men of the WSR. I am looking forward to book 3.

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