If the Stars Fall by Diane Adams ~ Book Review by Teresa

Book 5 in the Making of a Man Series

If-the-Stars-Fall Title: If the Stars Fall

Author: Diane Adams

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars


Sixteen years have passed since Jared Douglas surrendered his heart, accepting Alex Ross as an integral part of his life. Each moment since seems paved in gold leading them toward an inevitable happy ever after.

When calamity comes, it hits hard. The couple is left shell-shocked in the aftermath of disaster. Alex struggles to recover from his injury and the resulting depression. Jared’s efforts to help are ineffectual. He knows Alex is slipping away, but there’s nothing Jared can do but be there for Alex, and hope.

When things seem darkest, love brings them together, helping them to begin anew. They find the courage to reinvent their life together, and build a new dream from the ashes of the old.


I love this series and had initially picked this book up back in 2013 when it was first released with, the now defunct, Silver Publishing. I had attempted to read it then but the place I was emotionally was affected too greatly by the first chapter of the book, and I had to put it down. The feelings were too intense and I felt so close to this couple that the hurt overwhelmed me.

After languishing on my tbr for the last two years, I finally decided I needed to know how Alex and Jared were doing. I knew they were going to be in a good spot – Diane Adams format for this series shows us in the beginning, both of them several years after the events of the book – but the getting there looked so painful and took them through something difficult for me: depression.

I appreciated how things were discussed and handled. How Jared and Alex’s love shone through. How the love of their families kept them strong as well. I love Jared. He is one of my most favourite characters and this couple together are wonderful.

The end hints at future books in the series and a recent interview with Prism reveals that Making of a Man 7 is in the works. If you have not read this series, I urge you to start with Our December and get to know this fabulous couple. If you have started the series but not yet read this one, you need to. It is beautiful.

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