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Michael Kudo OtMIt Starts With You

Hello again, everyone!

I’m happy to be back again to share my random thoughts with you guys.

This week I’ve decided to talk a bit about something that I know everyone deals with, or rather, has trouble with and that would be making people happy.

Unless you have a heart of ice or are a sociopath, you generally want to make people happy. And because of that want, there comes a time when you could do something to make somebody happy but in doing so, you’ll make somebody else unhappy. And then if you do manage to jump through hoops and wrestle alligators and discover the lost city of Atlantis – you’ll find that somebody else isn’t happy, and then it’s back to the drawing board.

In my time I’ve learned that there are three types of people in this world: those who are easily pleased, those who you have to jump through hoops to please, and those who are never pleased no matter what you do or how you do it. Oh, and the phantom fourth person who is always forgotten – the person trying to please all of the above.

But thing is, you’re not God, Albus Dumbledore, or any other powerful being of your choosing. It doesn’t all fall on you and it’s not fair for you to place that burden on yourself. By placing that burden on yourself you’re willingly drawing all that negative energy into your body and bringing yourself down.

A wise person once told me: never try and make everybody happy because if you do, you’ll make yourself unhappy and then you’ll always be one person short of your goal.

And they’re absolutely correct. Sacrificing your own happiness just to “try” and make everyone else around you content isn’t a good way to handle anything.

The best thing to do is to keep yourself happy, positive, and filled with good energy. I strongly believe that what you put out into the world comes back to you and if you’re simply being a good, happy person and you’re putting out all that positive energy into the universe…eventually it’ll find it’s way to those hard-to-please ass-hats and they’ll get the hint. And if they don’t, a boot in the ass sometimes works wonders, too.

Just remember, it starts with you. =)

~ Michael Kudo

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5 thoughts on “It Starts With You ~ Michael Kudo: Outside the Margins

  1. Michael, this is a fantastic post! So very true that we can’t please everyone. I mean, if we could, no one would be unhappy, and we know that idn’t the case lol

    “By placing that burden on yourself you’re willingly drawing all that negative energy into your body and bringing yourself down.”

    ^^^^^ so true! Gotta work to create a balance.
    Awesome post. *thumbs up*

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