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Title: Going the Distance (Fadeaway #1)
Author: John Goode
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond
Publication Date:11/27/2014
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Young Adult


A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title

Fadeaway: Book One
From the Tales from Foster High Universe

Looking like the perfect all-American boy—tall, handsome, and athletic—makes it easy for Danny Monroe to blend in with the in-crowd of a new high school. It’s a trick he picked up moving with his father from one Marine base to the next. When you aren’t going to be around long, it’s better to give people what they want. And what they want are his quick hands and fast feet on the basketball court.

On court, he can be himself and ignore certain strange developing urges. Everyone knows you can’t like boys and be a jock, but for Danny his growing attraction is becoming overwhelming. At the thought of losing the only thing that matters, Danny starts to panic and realizes he has a choice to make: happiness or basketball.

Prism recently reviewed Going the Distance (Fadeaway #1). You can find the review here.

A Book is A Book:

Emergency Holographic Writing Program: Please state the nature of the writing emergency. Or A book is a book of course, of course, unless the book is gay and in that case no thanks.

So what is a real book?

I mean we no longer can say it is a thing of paper and words because the almighty Kindle has dissuaded us from that opinion. Is it a story of greater than 1000 words? Is the length of a book really what counts? I mean look at the Gettysburg Address. If Lincoln taught as anything it was size does not count. Wow I just really perved up on Abe Lincoln there.

So then what is a real book?

Is the subject matter? And if so who gets to decide that? I mean there are some messed up books out there and I wouldn’t consider them an actual book, yes I am looking at you Ann Coulter, but they are still books. They get bought, read, liked and rated just like every other book. So then what makes one book real and the other not?

Bill O’Riley goes on for 300 pages on how liberals suck and it’s a book but I write 300 pages about two gay kids finding themselves in the world and it isn’t? Someone want to explain that to me? My books, and a lot of other books I might add, are widely considered second rate books somehow. They aren’t real books they are gay books. By the way my books are in no way sexually attracted to other books, unless the books are by Sue Brown and in that case they might swing that way, so my books aren’t gay. They are just books.

Yet my books, and many others, are not carried in stores like Barnes and Noble and…are there any other book stores left? I used to think this was a bad thing until I realized they didn’t stock more books than they carried. If you, as a business, are not going to cater to everyone then you will fail. Period. If you look at a whole part of the world and say. “No not you.” Not only will you lose that part of the world but you will lose the ones who are offended that you are discriminating against those people as well. I assure you this is a lose/lose situation.

I write fiction books, young adult fiction books to be precise, that happened to have gay protagonists. That’s it. My books should be shelved right next to The Hungry Twilight Runner series just like every other YA book that is written. Period. But instead if my books are carried at all they are one shelf in one section that is surrounded by a lot of things that are NOTHING like my books. Imagine if they shelved Twilight next to Karma Sutra, or Penthouse Letters. How fast you think someone would lose their freaking mind about that? But my books sit next to Bel Ami First Time Book 3, which by the way is a charming collection of first time sex erotic tales with an almost naked guy on the cover.

Exactly where I want my book to be.

See this is the same problem that Florida seems to be having now. Not all of Florida, just the parts that keep coming up in the news. Seriously Florida, get it together ok? Their state supreme court rules they have to allow gay marriage. Forget the fact that this has been played out all across the country and is nearly law of the land. Forget the fact that is widely accepted and just plain right. And ignore the fact their own legal system told them to do it. There are STILL people who refuse to acknowledge it and have canceled all courthouse weddings so they don’t have to marry gay people.

Really, this really happened.

So instead of just sucking it up and admitting that gay marriages might be a thing, these people are going to pick up their toys and go home rather than play fair. Let me send a message to those people. THEY ARE REAL MARRIAGES YOU ASSHOLES. Ahem. Sorry. And in the same way they are real marriages my books are real books. Do I expect everyone to read them? No. Do I expect people to respect them as something more than smut? Yes.

I mean is Christine a real book? It’s a book about a car that comes to life and kills people. Like King said, I’ve had a girl that lights stuff on fire, a dog that kills people, hmmm….how about a car. See if they read this. They did. I did. And it was good, a damn good book. But you think someone asked if the killer car book was a real book? No because a straight guy wrote it about what I assume is a straight car killing other straight people.

I mean come on.

This has to stop, and it has to start with us. I know authors who don’t admit what they write to their friends and family out of fear they might get…I don’t know shamed? Laughed at? Invited to more interesting parties? I know there are times when admitting what you do can get you into real trouble but on average, how many of us don’t say anything because we are afraid?

I am not afraid any more. To be honest I am pissed so I am here to say. I write gay books and I am proud of it. Not those kind of gay books, but you know what? Even if they were they’d still be real books too. My books are not holograms, they are not imaginary, they are very real books and should be treated as such.

If they aren’t, then sorry Barnes and Nobles. Enjoy the unemployment line because to be honest I buy all my stuff from Amazon anyways. At least they carry my stuff.

About the Author:

Hi. I’m John. Um…I like getting caught in the rain, I am not into health food and I have been on a plane. I write, but you know that or you wouldn’t be here (stupidstupidstupid, get it together John) Anyways, I have three cats, but not like a cat lady cause I am…um…a guy. I mean that, the cat lady part not the guy part. I mean I do mean the guy thing and can prove it…sigh. I like turtles.

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  1. Oh, wow… John, I think I’m missing context but deduced that B&N doesn’t want to sell your books and says they aren’t real books? O.O WTF! I’m so sorry. Can’t believe it.

    And yes, I want your books directly next to Twilight or whathaveyou… To think of your books next to Bel Ami makes me laugh so hard. Sorry. It’s not really funny, though.

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