Laura Harner talks Willow Springs Ranch Series ~ Retro Reads Author Spotlight, Interview

Prism Book Alliance would like to thank Laura Harner for taking the time to talk with us today about their retro title from Hot Corner Press, Willow Springs Ranch Series. Prism recently reviewed Willow Springs Ranch Series. You can find the review here.


Welcome to the world of Willow Springs Ranch; where the men work hard, play harder, and there is no room for stupid.



Can you start by telling us a little about this series?

Ty Hard was my first MM book (I’d published MMF before). It’s nearly impossible to believe—but after three years, Ty Hard is still #1 in Gay Mysteries. There are currently six books, plus one free short I wrote for a Valentine’s Day treat. There’s a little bit of mystery and suspense tied up with erotic romance. If you The first book, Ty Hard, is also a perma-free title at all online retailers. As you can see I have a little fun with the titles

  • Ty Hard
  • Hold Tight
  • Taking Chance
  • Hanging Chad
  • Park’s Lot
  • Whit’s End
  • Cliff’s Edge (Scheduled release 2/28)

Tell us a little more about the men of WSR?

Willow Springs Ranch is located in western Mohave County, AZ, about 90 miles from Las Vegas. The owner, Cass Cartwright likes to say “The men work hard, play harder, and there’s no room for stupid.” He doesn’t care if the ranch hands are gay, bi, or straight, he figures there’s room for everyone. His partner Tyler Hardin is a former Navy SEAL and cook, on a disability discharge. He occasionally still battles his PTSD. The two of them are not above trying their hands at match-making from time to time.

Each book features a new couple, brings back old favorites, and introduces someone who will be featured in the next book in the series. Readers like to guess which one will be next.

What was your inspiration for this ranch and it’s characters?

A photograph from Dan Skinner was the inspiration. I’d never even spoken to a photographer about his work before, so I was very tentative about approaching him, but he was fantastic to work with, and we have become very good friends since then.

What about this series make you the most proud?

I’ve been able to draw on my experiences in the military, working with land management agencies like the BLM and NPS, plus showcase a little known part of Arizona.

If you could change any one thing about this series, what would it be and why?

I might not have made the ranch quite so isolated, simply for the ease of introducing new characters.

Will there be more from this series?

Cliff’s Edge is next, with an anticipated release date of 2/28.

Is there anything else you would like to tell readers about yourself or this series?

I am by choice, an independent author-publisher. I want to earn the reader’s trust so I hope people will sample one of my free books before investing hard earned money. If you find my books aren’t to your taste, I thank you for giving me an opportunity and wish you happy reading. If you do enjoy my books, know that I will always do my best to entertain you for a reasonable price.

Can you tell us about some of your other titles?

I have over 40 titles available. There’s something for nearly every type of reader, and the pairings may be male/female, male/male, or menages (mmm/mmf). Sometimes even the vampires and werewolves find a path to true love in my worlds. I mostly write erotic romance, suspense included—no extra charge.

In the MM Romance realm, Continental Divide is the first book in the Separate Ways series, and it’s also free. I write with the Pulp Friction group, along with Havan Fellows, Lee brazil, and Tom Webb. Each year the four of us write separate series within one world, and our characters and plotlines crossover. We complete the year with one co-written finale. For PF2014 the setting was Mountain Shadows, a camping retreat set near Flagstaff Arizona. Four authors. Twenty-four books. One explosive finale. With a new release every two-weeks, it’s great fun, and our readers are hard core dedicated. We LOVE it!

Rapid fire

  • Coke or Pepsi? Neither. Unsweet tea or plain seltzer water.
  • Black or White? Black
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Sweet or Salty? Salty
  • Car or Truck? Truck (I drive a 4WD Silverado long bed)
  • Music or TV/Movies? Neither. Reading or writing.
  • Country or City? Country
  • Romance or Thriller? Yes please. A mystery with romance or romantic suspense—one without the other is boring.

What are you currently working on? What’s next for your fans?

Hmm…this morning, Tom Webb and I sent Free Falling Crimson, to the editor. That’s Book 3 in the Altered States Series. The release date is 2/1.

Continental Divide, Book 1 in the Separate Ways Series will be out on audio in a few days—and the narrator absolutely nailed Jamie and Remy. It is fantastic!

I have a new serial fiction starting this month called Deuce Coop, about a man who is rescued/kidnapped by a motorcycle gang who loves to share…everything. The first book in that serial will be out on 1/21.

Oh…and maybe a little thing called Cliff’s Edge, book 7 in the WSR series. The anticipated release date is 2/28

Definitely enough going on to keep me out of trouble. Mostly


Title: Willow Springs Ranch Series
Author: Laura Harner
Publisher: Hot Corner Press
Cover Artist: Laura Harner
Publication Date:
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Drama, M/M Romance


Ty Hard (WSR Book 1)

Tyler has used Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a shield against the truth since he was seventeen. Now, Ty finds himself cut loose from his Navy career after months of rehab from a debilitating head injury. At a loss as to what to do with his life, he travels to Willow Springs Ranch in Arizona to visit his surrogate father, only to arrive minutes after his oldest friend’s death. Ty must come to terms with the loss while he fights to keep the PTSD from pulling him under. The last thing he’s ready to think about is his growing attraction for another man. Rancher Cass Cartwright’s relationships never last more than a few hours, and that’s just the way he likes it. Now he’s in danger of doing the one thing he swore never to do: fall in love. Can Cass convince Ty to let go of his past or will sabotage at the ranch kill their love before it has a chance to grow?

Hold Tight (WSR Book 2)

Sheriff Holden Titus had organized his fresh start down to the last detail. Except for the part about the bomb that blew his plans all to hell. Now he’s running out of time, without a job, without a home, and struggling to get back on his feet. Literally.

Despite the impolite rejection, Drew knows he didn’t have the wrong impression months ago when he asked the sheriff to dance, but he never expected to have Holden’s life in his hands. Literally.

Thanks to some meddlesome matchmaking, the two men are now temporary housemates at the Willow Springs Ranch and Drew is determined to help Holden heal, both physically and emotionally. Even if it means he has to drag the other man kicking and screaming to physical therapy…and out of the closet. In fact, that might be kind of fun.

Taking Chance (WSR Book 3)

Officer Chance Carter is pretty sure he’d still enjoy being on either end of a good ass reaming–just not the one from his supervisor that lands him on an involuntary extended vacation. Another holiday season with nothing to do except visit an old friend.

Former hospital corpsman Bryan Mitchell doesn’t feel less than honorable, but that’s what his discharge paperwork states. Now he is down and out in Kingman, Arizona until the charity of a stranger lands him a temporary job for the holidays.

When two federal employees go missing during a highly controversial wild horse roundup, the two Willow Springs Ranch newcomers are drafted to help in the search, but if rumors of a local anti-government militia are true, Chance and Bryan may be in serious trouble–and from something far more dangerous than their mutual attraction.

Ty’d Down (WSR Book 3.5)

A Willow Springs Ranch Romantic Short Story created free for the Ty and Cass fans.

Valentine’s Day should have been their wedding day, but Ty had put a stop to all the foolishness weeks ago. As peace offerings went, a chocolate three-layer cake with buttercream icing wasn’t much, but Cass would forgive him. Eventually. Cass has other plans…

Hanging Chad (WSR Book 4)

For Chad Ollom, landing on the Willow Springs Ranch after his teaching career crashed and burned last year was a lesson in irony, considering he’d sworn off all things related to horses and cowboys after a near fatal fall as a child. Now with a new mission in life, Chad plans to bring critically ill children to the ranch for a special celebration.

Aging rodeo cowboy Jesse Duran lives life eight seconds at a time, and whether it’s broncos or men, it’s always been get on and get off before anyone gets hurt. When he’s required to take a break from the circuit and ends up on the WSR, the enticing ass of a stand-offish teacher turned contractor might just be enough challenge to keep him entertained for a week or two.

As attraction flares, personal boundaries start to crumble, and the lines between seducer and seduced begin to blur. When the series of on-going attacks against the WSR moves from sabotage to arson, Jesse steps up to help, but when Chad is forced to return to his past to face charges of abuse, the men of the WSR want to know if Jesse will stick or leave Chad hanging.

Park’s Lot (WSR Book 5)

When vegan, peace-loving, social do-gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half-dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group…there’s only one thing to do. Save his life, then share his tent. Waking to find the man’s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus.

Tanner Triplett is in trouble. Not the your-brother-is-a-sociopathic-murderer-and-you’re-his-next-victim sort of trouble. Not even the your-father-is-trying-to-overthrow-the-federal-government-and-you’re-going-to-jail-for-helping kind of trouble. No…this is the sort of trouble that comes when you wake up with stranger’s dick in your hand. Holy fuck. How is he going to get out of this?

A sudden need to run for their lives ought to do it.

Determined to make amends, Tanner leads Park to the relative safety of the WSR, where the biggest danger should be from gun-wielding cowboys seeking revenge. Tanner hadn’t counted on sharing a room with the exotically beautiful Park or the danger to his heart when the carefully erected walls protecting his secret come tumbling down.

Whit’s End (WSR Book 6)

When his three-day marriage ends in an annulment, country music sensation Brody Kent finds himself on the run from paparazzi intent on discovering why. Seeking shelter with his old friend at the Willow Springs Ranch might not be his wisest choice, considering the place is crawling with gay cowboys, but he needs someone he can trust and time alone to look for the joy that’s been missing from his music. Although no one should know of his travel plans, before he can make the turn to relative safety, Brody’s run off the road by a rogue reporter determined to get a scoop. A very different cowboy rides to his rescue…and Brody can’t help but wonder, well, a lot of things.

The men at the WSR might work hard and play harder, but as the long-awaited Ranch Quest approaches, ranch hand Whit Truman needs to focus on preparing to host the sick children and not the oh-so-sexy voice from his past due to arrive at any minute. Not that the singer would have any reason to remember his brother’s childhood friend. When a desert storm postpones the event by a week, Whit takes some much-needed time off, only to stumble upon the object of his avoidance in a most surprising place. The walking, talking grown-up version of his teenage crush isn’t anything like the arrogant megastar Brody plays onstage—most of the time. That unexpected vulnerability could prove to be Whit’s undoing, as he vows to do everything in his power to protect Brody…if he doesn’t kill him first.

About the Author:

I’m a coffee-drinking, book-loving certifiable crazy woman who lives on waterfront property in Arizona because I always wanted to be an oxymoron.

The truth is, I started writing the day after Christmas in 2008, because I had a crazy dream, and from that moment on, Elena McFarland and the Highland Destiny  series owned me. About 200,000 words into the series, I decided to see what this thing called publishing was all about. I learned about agents and queries, traditional and small press publishing, editors and cover art, and finally… insert deep breath here

A little thing Amazon introduced in 2007 called the Kindle caught fire and the world of self-publishing changed for ever. I truly enjoy being an author-publisher and keeping control of my babies from start to finish. I think most indie published authors who take their jobs seriously are really just control freaks.

I write erotic romance, most often about love many might consider outside the lines: Gay Romance, Polyamory and Menage, and even gasp Interspecies with vampires and werewolves. I know—crazy, right?

So why do I like writing erotic romance? I like to push beyond traditional boundaries. I like characters who grow and evolve—who will question his or her sexual boundaries and push past artificial limits.

I am fortunate enough to work at writing and publishing full-time, and when the stars align and I hold my mouth just right, I manage to publish 10-15 novels and novellas a year.

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