Looking Back at 2014 By Ameliah Faith ~ Sunday Spotlight by Ameliah


Looking Back at 2014 By Ameliah Faith:

It seems like its been a busy year. My daughter got married, celebrated 12 years with my partner, participated in several online book events, was sought out to join 3 street teams to promote groups of authors, wrote a few blog posts (I am still amazed that people want to hear what I have to say, Thanks for that BTW!!), and made oodles of friends in real life and in FB land. OH and learned what a hash tag is (I still do not know what they are for and why they are used but I have set a goal to figure that out).

One of my favourite parts of the year was my trip to Austin Texas to visit my parents. I am a real nature lover so I was in for huge treats there. My parents live in a new housing development and less than 6 blocks away you are in farmland. You can actually hear the cattle, chickens and a donkey!

Of course me being who I am, I managed to trip ove a stick in the back yard. Some of the wood broke off in the top of my foot. Of course it would not come out no matter what I tried. Three days and an infection later I went to the er to have them help. It was a great hospital and across the street from the medical complex there was a small herd of Angus cattle. WEIRD!

They took me into the hill country and it was just breath taking! We saw so many eagles and vultures (I am an odd duck, I like them and think they are amazing) As we turned around a bend 2 huge eagles flew up from a canyon in front of the car. They were so close I could see their eyes! It was a thrill and a half! On another drive we saw a road runner with a snake in its mouth. I am telling you it was fantastic! If I could convince my partner we would be there asap!

As I am relatively new to the lesfic world I found the genre mind blowing, who knew just how many authors and books there are!!! There are so many that no matter how fast I read I will never get to them all, Well better late to the party than to miss it. I am just loving each and every book. It has been a busy year with so much to read.

I wrote some reviews and after giving the review to the authors, I became friends with several authors. These women have just opened up a whole new world for me. I may be that odd woman, the exception to the rule if you will, that would choose a book over coffee and chocolate every time!

Having learned that reviews really do matter I’ve tried to write one for each book I read. Because of my reviews I was introduced to wonderful groups like Prism. I really like being part of the groups. To find others who are as excited as I am over books is such a wondrous thing!!

In addition to reading and reviewing I was talked into writing something myself. I wrote a short story for a flash fiction challenge. I was shocked and stunned (and still am actually) that I won. There were published authors in this contest and yet I won. Several people have encouraged me to continue writing and I think with their support, I will be spend some time this year working on my own stories. I am excited as well as a bit scared but I think it will be a good thing. This is a year for me to grow, expand my comfort zone and take some risks, try to learn new things and make at least one person smile everyday.

Thank you for spending some time with me, I hope you have a peaceful day.

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7 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2014 By Ameliah Faith ~ Sunday Spotlight by Ameliah

  1. Your 2014 sound fantastic! Congrats to you on your win, congrats to you one 12 years with your partner, and congrats to your daughter on the start of her married life! Welcome to team prism, we love having you here!

    • I am so late in replying, I just found out about it lol. Thank you for your kind words. I LOVE being a part of PBA!!!

  2. Ameliah, it’s so very obvious and quite wonderful to see your enthusiasm in sharing your 2014 highlights with us. We’re so glad you’re here and have fun exploring your own creativity! 😀

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