Modern Battles (series) by Serena Yates ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Modern-Battles Title: Modern Battle (series)

Author: Serena Yates

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: LC Chase

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars


Fighting for Hope:
Eccentric Sir Malcolm Witherspoon has bequeathed a rare piece of land to the Oxford Hospital Trust with only one stipulation: it must become the site for a new medical center. Unfortunately, he left the details unwritten. Now, several hospital departments are fighting to get their visions approved by the Appropriations Committee. Head of Pediatrics Dr. Grayson Burrows believes the land should be used to build a new children’s hospital. Oncologist Dr. James Pearson is certain a cancer research center will do the most good.

It’s a battle neither wants to lose.

Soon, their professional integrity is on the line, and they don’t see eye to eye on medical care: Grayson thinks a holistic approach is optimal, while James knows logical trial and error works best. But when they’re tasked with obtaining the hospital board’s approval for their respective proposals, their personal attraction threatens to take over, making them behave in an entirely unprofessional way. As the deadline looms on the committee’s decision, both Grayson and James must reevaluate their priorities or neither doctor will get what he wants.

1st edition published by Silver Publishing, March 2011.

Fighting for Love

Danny McBrae is a super-rich playboy, but his devil-may-care lifestyle hides an artist with a sensitive heart who gave up on love after years of hurt. When his beloved great-grandfather, the eccentric Sir Malcolm Witherspoon, dies and leaves a rare piece of land to Oxford Hospital Trust, Danny finds new purpose. He uses some of his inherited wealth to help finance the planned children’s hospital, supporting his best friend, Dr. Grayson Burrows, who heads the project team.

When Grayson is seriously injured, Danny meets Dr. Halldor Magnusson, the neurologist who treats Grayson. Halldor has some weird ideas about keeping Grayson away from James, his lover, so Danny initially dislikes him. But Halldor also has his own deeply personal reasons for wanting the children’s hospital to become a reality, and the initial mutual distrust changes into interest and attraction. When Danny’s jealous ex-lover tries to tear them apart and someone is trying to get Halldor removed from the project team, they decide to join forces so they can win the battle.

Neither of the men is looking for love. Yet they discover it may be worth fighting for.

Fighting for Survival

Dr. Alastair Burrows decides to take a stand after years of escalating abuse by his husband, Cedric Perkins, when he stops Alastair from visiting his brother Grayson after a serious car accident. A few weeks later, Alastair finally escapes his guards, sues for divorce, and begins to openly question Cedric and the pharmaceutical company he runs. As a medical researcher working for Biomedical Inc., Alastair witnessed plenty of dubious practices but had no say. Now he takes a new job with EDT, a company fighting for ethical drug testing, planning to expose Biomedical.

Reinaldo Valverde, intent on stopping drug trafficking, suspects Biomedical is in league with Colombian drug lords. Unable to infiltrate Biomedical, he goes undercover at EDT, hoping to find some leads in their database. Reinaldo meets Alastair and discovers the handsome doctor is also after Biomedical. Reinaldo keeps quiet about his mission, but as Alastair gets closer to the truth, Reinaldo gets closer to Alastair. When they discover Biomedical’s illegal research labs, EDT sends both men on a recognizance mission to Colombia and Brazil.

Lies are revealed, disaster strikes, and they are stranded in the Amazon jungle, facing a fight for survival they cannot afford to lose.

Fighting for Freedom

Luiz Oliveira, a US-born Brazilian, joined the US military when he was eighteen to escape his ambassador father’s tyranny. Once his active duty obligation ends he starts a private investigation and security company with his Army buddy, Reinaldo Valverde. Years later, Luiz learns Colombian drug lords have kidnapped his childhood friend and teenage crush, Dr. Pascal Taylor-Cornett. Geography and their careers may have kept them apart, but they have been attracted to each other since they were fifteen, so Luiz is determined to come to Pascal’s rescue.

Pascal is a dedicated emergency doctor who defied his rich father’s wishes to become a surgeon because making a contribution to world health means more to Pascal than money. Once qualified, he volunteers for Médicins sans Frontières, first in Sri Lanka and Chad, then in Buenaventura, Colombia. There he discovers that American-owned pharmaceutical Biomedical Inc. is selling ineffective vaccines to MSF, but before he can gather enough evidence to expose their scheme, he is kidnapped by a drug lord.

The battle for Pascal’s freedom isn’t easy, but some things are worth fighting for. Luiz and Pascal want a relationship—but they will have to stay a step ahead of their powerful enemies.


When I first took on the task of reviewing the four stories in the Modern Battles series by Serena Yates, I was planning to have four different reviews. However, after reading all four back to back, I have much the same praise and criticism for each. For this reason, I will just review them together.

The Modern Battles series currently consists of four titles:

  1. Fighting for Hope
  2. Fighting for Love
  3. Fighting for Survival
  4. Fighting for Freedom

Each title follows a different couple in this interconnected world. They are each sweet, somewhat low-angst stories with the obligatory happily ever afters. There is nothing blatantly wrong with any of these stories, and as such they are good comfort reads.

There isn’t a lot of depth to any of the stories. Though three of the four tackle some potentially heavy topics, they sort of gloss over the potentially harsh or painful parts and rush to the happy. This is exactly what many readers love. If you are one of those readers, you will probably have better mileage than I .

I found this series as a whole, and the individual books, to be uninspiring and predictable. It felt a lot like reading the books of another very popular author in the genre, to be honest. These are book that I would read and enjoy well enough, but not books that I would run out to buy the second they are released.

The biggest conflict in most of these stories is the main characters’ own demons. However, their demons are simply past broken hearts. Giving up on love because you have been hurt before as a plot device just doesn’t do it for me. It lends itself to characters who are whiny and weak. I will be honest; I get enough whining from my five-year-old. I don’t need it in my fiction.

The final aspect of these stories that niggled at me is that the characters are entirely too self-aware and eloquent. Don’t get me wrong, they still circled the same thoughts and mistakes over and over, but they were pretty omniscient about everything else in their lives and the lives of those around them. It just served to make the character less real to me.

So my conclusion? If you like sweet, low angst, definite happily ever afters? This is a series you will likely enjoy.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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