Park’s Lot (Willow springs Ranch #5) by Laura Harner ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Park's Lot Title: Park’s Lot (Willow springs Ranch #5)

Author: Laura Harner

Publisher: Hot Corner Press

Cover Artist: Laura Harner

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


When vegan, peace-loving, social do-gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half-dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group…there’s only one thing to do. Save his life, then share his tent. Waking to find the man’s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus.

Tanner Triplett is in trouble. Not the your-brother-is-a-sociopathic-murderer-and-you’re-his-next-victim sort of trouble. Not even the your-father-is-trying-to-overthrow-the-federal-government-and-you’re-going-to-jail-for-helping kind of trouble. No…this is the sort of trouble that comes when you wake up with stranger’s dick in your hand. Holy fuck. How is he going to get out of this?

A sudden need to run for their lives ought to do it.

Determined to make amends, Tanner leads Park to the relative safety of the WSR, where the biggest danger should be from gun-wielding cowboys seeking revenge. Tanner hadn’t counted on sharing a room with the exotically beautiful Park or the danger to his heart when the carefully erected walls protecting his secret come tumbling down.


Park’s Lot is book 5 in the Willow Springs Ranch series. We met both MCs in the previous book. Park was the CPS officer who handled Chad’s case and then quit implying there was more to his story. Tanner was the son of the WSR enemy and it was established that he was trapped in a bad situation being made to do things he didn’t want to for fear of his father’s wrath. In the previous book I was sympathetic to Tanner and I am glad he got his chance to tell his story.

This story kind of overlaps with the end of the previous book. We start out seeing the aftermath of T-bone’s little scheme. Seeing that his own brother left him for dead re-established my sympathy for Tanner. And Park is just fun. I love the parallels to Scooby-Doo! As the story moved forward, I started to feel sad for Tanner. Reading the details of his life so far and how it made him feel, was just heart wrenching. Someone so young should not have to hide himself for fear of being murdered by his own family. There wasn’t really much time spent on Park. There were small snippets given of his past and his job at CPS, but the focus was really on Tanner. And because so much focus was placed on Tanner, I felt the word love was used rather quickly. Maybe if I had been given more insight into Park’s thoughts (more than just his belief in Kismet), it would not have seemed so fast. But just because it was fast, does not mean it was lacking. I still enjoyed these two men together and was so happy they got their shot at a HEA.

Having Tanner enter the lion’s den so to speak, gives the author a chance to reveal more about the general and his motivations. The action has also increased with T-bone trying to kill Tanner and the men of the WSR now actively trying to protect their ranch from this Militia. The tension in the book was higher than the previous ones. I was on the edge of my seat with worry for Tanner and Park. T-bone’s brand of crazy lead to all sorts of wild happenings!

If you have been following my reviews, you all know that I am a huge fan of the Pulp Friction serials. The ending of this story sets things up nicely for this series to cross over with the 2014 Pulp Friction world. 🙂 This link to Pulp Friction was just a little bonus to this series. I enjoyed Park’s Lot and am looking forward to the next book. The ending of this book is a great lead in for the next.

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