Rough Around The Edges by LM Somerton ~ Book Review by Caroline

24307926 Title: Rough Around The Egdes

Author: LM Somerton

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Can a new beginning be found in leather and chains?

Kai Smithson’s life changes dramatically with his first glimpse into the world of BDSM. Completely innocent, Kai can hardly believe his eyes, but he knows what he likes and apparently that’s hot, dominant men in leather. He isn’t sure if he’s a submissive because he doesn’t really know what that means, but the feelings he is experiencing are exciting and new.

Harry Croft, bar manager at The Underground BDSM Club, believes in insta-lust rather than love at first sight. And when he agrees to train Kai, the contract between them has one condition—no sex. But Kai has some very definite plans about losing his virginity and a piece of paper is not going to stand in his way. In his new friends at the club and at The Edge, Kai has a ready-made support group of subs that show him that the only rules in a D/s relationship are those he wants to make for himself.

The old saying that you can choose your friends but not your family is proved horribly true for Kai, as the mysteries of his past are revealed. As he and Harry start out on their journey together, they must contend with bullets as well as bondage, danger alongside domination, and it’s not easy to establish trust when the whole world is going to hell.

Reader Advisory: This book contains characters who have extremely prejudiced views and scenes referencing physical abuse.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


We first met Kai in book 3 when he was rescued alongside Alistair from the conversion therapy clinic. He had been sent there by his Uncle who wanted him cured of his ‘deviant’ ways but who had also been a controlling influence on his life since he was a young child and his parents died. As we learn more about Kai in this book we find out just how devious his Uncle is and that he had far more sinister plans for Kai.

After being rescued Kai is taken to The Underground, a high class BDSM club, where initially Carey and Alistair offer to take him in but when he meets Harry who is the bar manager there he is smitten and being too tired to even think properly he goes to his home to rest and recuperate.

Kai has had every choice in his life made for him since he was six years old and became so conditioned to do what he was told he never fought his Uncle for his independence as an adult. He is shy, naive and innocent but has a good heart and makes friends easily. He makes friends with the rest of the subs at the club very quickly and watches wistfully as they interact with their Doms.

Harry is an integral part of The Underground and is well respected by the Doms and subs who hold membership there. He has never had a full time sub of his own but when he sees Kai being brought into the club looking tired and bedraggled a strange sense of possessiveness takes hold of him. Once he has taken the younger man home he finds himself stuck in a dilemma, he desperately wants the man for himself but he also recognises that Kai needs to recover and be allowed to finely explore life for himself for the first time.

When Harry agrees to train Kai it is with the understanding that there will be no sex involved. This proves difficult for both men who even after only a few days are feeling a lot more than just attraction to each other. Kai is left full of wonder for the way he is left feeling when he submits to Harry and Harry quickly comes to cherish everything Kai offers.

As Kai takes steps to leave his past behind there are some unsavoury details that come to light showing just how far his Uncle was prepared to go to attain everything he wanted. Kai has been manipulated in the worst possible way and it seems it isn’t quite over meaning plans for the future have to put on hold until it is safe to move forward.

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