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Yes, Cristian Flesh is going away. All the Flesh books will no longer be available for sale after February 10.

For now.

The three books in the series are now part of DSP Publications, an imprint of Dreamspinner Press. The imprint includes a wide range of genres including fantasy, horror, paranormal, mystery and more. The stories involved are ones where romance isn’t the main focus, though in my case, it is part of the overall plot.

In the Flesh, Flesh & Blood and Blood and Tears are all being re-edited and when they return it will be with all brand new covers. Though I loved all the covers individually, together they didn’t fit as a series. The new covers will be dynamic and eye-catching and a much better representation of the books.

Cover by Justin James

I’ve already gone through the re-editing process with the first two books and it was very interesting. My writing style has changed in the years since I wrote my first novel, well my first published novel. My style and ability has changed a ton since I wrote my very first novel, which remains unpublished, and always will.

But I digress. How unusual.

I’ve matured in many ways since I wrote In the Flesh, not just in my personal life, but also in my writing. Cristian Flesh’s cocky, but secretly insecure, voice echoed mine when I wrote it. There are parts of me in every book, of course, but I poured a lot of my soul into that book. A lot of Cristian’s personal rules are ones I had in the open relationship I was in at the time.

Overall, with In the Flesh I aimed to correct the technical issues and leave the somewhat immature voice. There were tense issues for sure, as well as grammar and punctuation mistakes.

One thing I did not change are Cristian’s actions that made some readers label him Too Stupid To Live. He did those things because he tended to act first and think later, especially when it came to people he cared about.

Cover by Justin James

There were also no major changes to Flesh & Blood. It’s still basically two different, but connected, stories in one book. The first is a case that takes Cristian into a world he’d thought he left behind and which brings up memories he thought he had buried forever. The second is the outcome of that recollection which takes Cristian back to his hometown.

Cover by Catt Ford

Of the three, Blood and Tears was the most altered. I’d written it in third person in the voices of both Gabe Vargas and Drew Bradley. I’ve accepted since then that I suck at writing third person. Tried it, sucked at it, hated it. Though I loved the plot of Blood and Tears, I never felt like it was written correctly.

So I re-wrote it, in dual first person. I hope it turns out well and readers like it as much as they did before. And maybe readers who didn’t care for it the first time will give it a second chance. The plot remained largely intact, the POV was the biggest change.

In the Flesh is currently scheduled for re-release in April, followed by Flesh & Blood in June and Blood and Tears in August.

Then in October or November there will be a fourth book in the series, entitled Closing Ranks. Flesh isn’t the star of the show, but he is a very important part of the plot. It was great to revisit the world of Flesh, see old friends and make new ones. I plan on there being more stories in the series so we can keep an eye on Flesh, since not even I know what he’s likely to do.

~ Ethan Stone

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