Shifting Gears (Shifting Paradigms #2) by Tina Blenke ~ Book Review by Brandilyn

Shifting-Gears Title: Shifting Gears (Shifting Paradigms #2)

Author: Tina Blenke

Publisher: eXtasy

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


Connor is used to making decisions as a successful nightclub owner but Justin, a young wolf Shifter, steps out in front of his car and changes Connor’s life forever.
Justin has graduated high school and feels the pull to find his destined mate away from the sanctuary of his Shifter family. He makes the decision to leave the sacred Pack Lands to enter the world of the Changeless humans. Only one other Shifter has ever left the sacred homelands searching for his mate and Justin is hopeful that he’ll be just as successful but the threat of violence against Shifters is ever threatening as conflict escalates.
Connor has worked hard to make a name for himself. He is an influential member of society with contacts with the business and political leaders of Whitewater. He owns and manages a successful nightclub that is soon branching off into additional prospects that will open even more red carpet opportunities for him. Everything is falling into place for him financially but he has no one with whom to share his accomplishments.
Justin makes the decision to move to the city and meets his mate when Connor hits him with his car. Connor’s initial reaction is to push Justin away because of his young age but the draw to the young Shifter is too much for Connor to resist. Justin struggles with finding his own way and fights for the chance to prove himself to Connor.
Justin is faced with making the right decisions so he doesn’t push Connor away while fighting with his own wolf to maintain control of his mind and his body. He fights with his own self-doubt in the hopes of proving to Connor that he doesn’t need the man’s success he only needs the man.


I read the first installment of the Shifting Paradigms series by Tina Blenke, Shifting Weight, a while ago. To me, that story felt thin and contrived. Yes, it is fiction, but I like a little more meat in my fiction.

I am not entirely sure why I chose to pick up the second story in the series, but I did. Maybe, I wanted to see if the author grew with the next book. Maybe, I am just a glutton for punishment. Luckily, the books in this series are short. That is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because you are able quickly to ascertain the fates of the characters. Curse because it once again leaves the meat of the story out.

I felt a bit like I was reading book one again. There wasn’t any more conflict. There wasn’t any more suspense. The characters were a bit less likable this time. Connor was a pompous ass and Justin felt like a whinier more timid version of Jason from book one. I couldn’t see them together past their status of “fated mated”.

I know many people who live for this type of light fun shifter read. If that is your forte, then you will probably enjoy this series from Tina Blenke. If you like more meat in your stories, it is probably a good one of which to steer clear.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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