Songs of the Earth (Sumeria’s Sons #2) by Lexi Ander ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Songs of the Earth Title: Songs of the Earth (Sumeria’s Sons #2)

Author: Lexi Ander

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Cover Artist: London Burden

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Thrust into the role of Prince of the Lycans, Tristan strives to find his footing in a life suddenly rife with secrets and lies—and danger. Betrayed by a Goddess meant to safeguard him, desperate to protect his consort and their growing tribe, he can only prepare for the worst and struggle to hope.

And then the worst comes to kill them…


Songs of the Earth is a direct continuation of book 1 almost as if these two stories began as 1 and were then broken into two pieces. There is a recap of the in the beginning, but you really should read book 1 first. It sets up the tone of the series quite nicely.

I am really enjoying this series. It is so rich and full of new things to learn. I love the way the author interjects history lessons into the plot as it moves forward. The lore unfolds as it is needed and the reader gets to learn right along with the main characters. And those characters are well done. The plot is interesting and fast paced. More than interesting really, it is captivating. There is so much world building and excitement. I love not knowing what is going to happen next. I am totally invested in the outcome and need to know that everything works out in the end.

However, these same things that have me so interested in this series, also turn me off a bit. There is so much going on that I feel like I can’t get my head around all of it. I feel like I may be missing things that I need to remember later. I am also concerned about the many paths this story can take. There are so many open ended questions that I can’t always keep track of which ones were answered and which ones are still open. That being said though, I am eager for more. The ending left me hanging once again and I cannot wait to find out what will happen next!

Finally, I have to admit that I love the love story between Ushna and Tristan. They are so connected to each other that it spills out of them constantly. The little touches and hugs and expressions of love show that this relationship is about more than simple lust or power. These men are together through thick and thin and I find it remarkable that the author never once had to tell me that they were in love. Yes they said it to each other, but it was so evident in their actions, that I would have known it without the words.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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