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Title: Stolen Dreams
Author: Sue Brown
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht
Publication Date:01/30/2015
Genre/Sub-Genre: Contemporary, M/M Romance


After cheating on and losing the man he loved, Morgan Conway decided to get his life right. Now he owns a coffee shop and is engaged to Jase, an actor and rising star. All is perfect in his world until the man he thought was gone forever walks into his shop. His hidden feelings rush to the surface, unfortunately there for everyone to see, including his fiancé.

Shae Delamere was crushed when Morgan cheated on him five years ago. But he has a reason for seeking Morgan out. As Morgan and Shae get to know each other again, they discover the extent that friends meddled in their lives to keep them apart. Morgan cannot deny he is still in love with Shae, but he is engaged. With some hard decisions to make, Morgan struggles not to hurt the men he cares about—again. Shae has secrets he came to share with Morgan, but revealing them now could keep them apart for good.


1. We are here today to talk about Stolen Dreams. What can you tell us about it?

Stolen Dreams was originally published by Silver, and I’m thrilled Dreamspinner agreed to re-release it. It’s not a simple love story (and I’ve happily written many of those). It’s an epic in your face tale of loss and love and hurt and passion, like Nothing Ever Happens.

2. Tell us more about Morgan, Jase and Shae?

Morgan and Shae were friends and lovers from an early age until Morgan screwed up and Shae left him. After five years Morgan is engaged to a tempestuous actor called Jase. I’d like to tell you more but you really have to read the book.

3. What about Stolen Dreams makes you the most proud?

I didn’t compromise on the story. I didn’t make it pretty – except for the guys of course 😉

4. If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Submit, submit, submit. Please. I want to read your story.

5. Many readers have issues with “cheating” heroes. How to you ensure Morgan is a sympathetic character?

I want people to understand that I don’t writing cheating lightly. This wasn’t about an open relationship or a serial adulterer. Morgan screwed up and he paid for it. The fact is, I wanted to write about life and relationships in all its complexity. I wanted to show Morgan’s guilt and pain.

6. How do you choose names? If you decide to change a name, do you feel that it alters your perception of the character?

Names are a bugbear. I find it easier to pick American names because there is a greater variety. UK names tend to be limited to John, William, Thomas etc. Morgan and Shae are probably as exotic as I’ve ever managed.

I struggle if I change a name because they are forever the first name. I don’t always remember the names of characters that were once in my fanfic stories, but I remember their fanfic names.

7. What are you reading right now and what is next on your to-be-read list?

I’ve been reading Marshall Thornton’s Boystown series. I love it! A 1970s PI set in Chicago. Next I’m going to read Dorian Grey’s Dick Hardesty mysteries. I’m on a crime fixation.

8. Rapid Fire Time

  • World of Warcraft or Everquest? Um….
  • Sweet or Sour? Sweet unless it’s wine.
  • Red or White? Wine? Red!
  • Australia or England? England (I had to say that)
  • Handcuffs or Rope? Rope. I love shibari.
  • Electronica or Jazz? Jazz
  • Underwear and socks: folded in the drawer or tossed? Drawers? What are they?
  • Sweet or Savory? Sweet as long as it’s chocolate, chocolate flavoured or covered in chocolate.

9. What are you working on?

In-Decision (part of the Left at the Crossroads series with Lisa Worrall) which I’ve been promising for many months. What is next? A Regency series set in a Gentlemen’s club.

About the Author:

Sue Brown is owned by her dog and two children. When she isn’t following their orders, she can be found plotting at her laptop. In fact she hides so she can plot and has gotten expert at ignoring the orders.

Sue discovered M/M erotica at the time she woke up to find two men kissing on her favorite television series. The series was boring; the kissing was not. She may be late to the party, but she’s made up for it since, writing fan fiction until she was brave enough to venture out into the world of original fiction.

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