Tap Out by Cat Grant ~ Book Review by Caroline

22789474 Title: Tap Out

Author: Cat Grant

Publisher: Samhain

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.25 of 5 Stars


“It s not the size of the dog in the fight, it s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Bannon’s Gym, Book 3

As a child, Tom Delaney did the best he could to protect his mother from his abusive father, but her eventual suicide left him a guarded and wary man who’s still carrying around a metric ton of baggage.

At Bannon’s Gym, Tom learned how to take back his power, and found love with fellow mixed martial arts fighter Travis Gallagher. Yet Tom can t bring himself to take their relationship to the next level. Not if moving in together means leaving behind Gloria, his surrogate mom, who’s desperately ill.

When Gloria’s son, Eddie, hires an out-of-work nurse to care for Gloria, Tom is out of excuses and afraid he’s being pushed out of his family of choice. That fear explodes in a violent sparring session that leaves Travis with a broken nose and Tom on the brink of getting booted out of Bannon’s Gym for good.

When tragedy strikes, Tom realizes it’ll take more than fists to conquer his fears, or he risks losing everything his fighting career, his family, and the man he loves.

Warning: Sweat- and testosterone-drenched alpha males ahead! More angst than an entire season of Downton Abbey! Wear a helmet – this could get messy! “

My View:

We are back with Tom and Travis and not much has changed. The biggest commitment in Tom’s life at the moment is taking care of Gloria whose health is rapidly declining. When Travis starts talking about them living together Tom starts to panic and caring for Gloria is becoming a handy excuse.

When Danny and Eddie employ a nurse to care for Gloria it is almost the final straw for Tom. He feels bereft. Not only is the nurse his boyfriends ex Aaron who has only recently kicked his drug addiction but he is being forced out of the only home he has known for the last 6 years to make room for him.

Feeling unwanted, worried about Gloria and pushed into leaving his home Tom snaps the first night of moving in with Travis. After another huge fight Tom walks out with Travis telling him they maybe need a break from each other until Tom is more certain of what he wants. Left reeling from this conversation the next day Tom is blinded by anger and confusion and Travis ends up injured after a sparring session in the cage.

I think this is my favourite book in the series so far. We have watched Tom escape from his abusive home life, lived with him through his grief when his mother died and his father was sent to prison, watched as he learned to trust Gloria, Danny and Eddie and become part of their family. This book is the like the final chapter in some ways. He has to finish his growing up, accept his faults, deal with the anger inside of him and learn to lean on his new family when he needs their support. He also has to learn to trust Travis and love him fully or make the decision to walk away.
Great addition to the series and I am very much hoping for Aaron’s story next.

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