Thank You – A look back at 2014 by Brandilyn

BrandilynI thought about doing a “Year in review” post something like our Month in Review Posts. But let’s face it, we already have 12 of those you can look through (not to mention the Weekly Summary posts for about half of the year).

I am not an overly sentimental person (much to my husband’s chagrin) but here is my attempt…

I want to thank a few people groups by name for a fabulous year.  This list is in no way exhaustive…  Along the way you will also discover many of the highlights of my year.

  • Marc F, Beverley, Lirtle, Paisley, Optimist, Caroline, Shelby, and Adriana who started this journey known as Prism Book Alliance with me.  They helped take my little and often neglected review blog (then known as Brandilyn Reviews Books) and make it something more.  They helped me realize my vision of bringing the genre we love to the eyes of new readers and opening the hearts of minds of people we may never have met.
  • Catherine Dair I love you sweets, and I LOVE the logo you created for us.  So glad Diana Copland introduced us!
  • Ulysses, PizzyGirl, Brittany, Leisa, Christine, Teresa, Josie, Ameliah, and Feliz.  You may not have been part of the first wave of reviewers, but you are no less important and no less loved.
  • The Readers… OMG the readers!!! We have some fabulous readers and commenters on this blog.  Thank each and every one of you for your support. (way too many to name, but I thank you so much!)
  • Becky Condit flat out, PBA would not be here without your love, support, encouragement, shoulder, etc.  Somehow through the magic of Facebook we connected and I can not imagine not having you in my life now.  You have been an excellent friend, travel companion, roommate, and partner in crime all year.  I will miss traveling with you next year, but you will be no less important.
  • The Outside the Margins crew –  Brandon Witt, Lisa Worrall, Diana Copland, Brigham Vaughn, Anastasia Vitsky, Anna Zabo, Daniel Kaine, Posy Roberts , Edmond Manning, Lynley Wayne, Freddy MacKay, L Dean Pace-Frech, William Cooper, Andrew Q Gordon, Dorien Grey, Chris Cox, Michael Kudo, JP Barnaby, Ethan Stone, Hank Edwards, Chris Koehler, Lisa Henry, Clare London, Jeff Adams, RJ Scott, Sue Brown.  I hand picked each of you to join the lineup and I could not be happier with the crew.  You took my little idea and ran with it.  You have made it a column Prism’s readers look forward to daily.  You guys have all supported Prism and its vision every time I ask.
  • Embry Carlisle Friend and partner in PRIDE crime.  That was a fabulous day.  We still have a little tattoo issue to get to in 2015 😉
  • My fellow M/M Bloggers.  Seriously you guys rock – Jay, Lisa, Susan, Jen, Nikyta, Kim, Dani, Scott, Portia
  • Rainbowcon.  Nicole Dennis, and Rory ni Coileain were fabulous roommates.  Jamie Fessenden has become a close friend.  So many more who have become important to myself and the blog.  You all served to make this con-virgin feel welcomed and comfortable.  The No Assholes Group (you know who you are).  Easily the most fun I have had at Chili’s ever. I met so many great people that I have been able to connect and re-connect with throughout the year, both in person and on the blog.  I am not going to attempt to name you here, because you will all end up in the list for other reasons.
  • The RT Crew – OMG that was a huge conference.  The sheer size was a bit much for this introvert, but I made it through with the help of the great members of this genre.  The highlight was certainly meeting JP Barnaby (and Jodi) in person, but so much happened!  Trish, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for Prism and for me. Rachel Haimowitz and Marie Sexton charged me with giving away some free books.  That forced me to talk to people I didn’t know and spread the M/M love.  That was probably my favorite (and scariest) part of the con.  I got to introduce so many people to M/M Romance and GLBT fiction.
  • #TeamPrism2014 – Angel Martinez, Brandon Witt, Carol Lynne, Chris Cox, Deanna Wadsworth, Diana Copland, Eden Winters, Erica Pike, Ethan Stone, Freddy MacKay, Jamie Lynn Miller, Jeff Adams, JP Barnaby, William Cooper, Kindle Alexander, Lori Toland, Rowan Speedwell, Sara York, Shira Anthony, Toni Griffin, Zathyn Priest  You guys made GRL2014 (my first GRL) truly something to remember.  You guys came to my rescue every time I had some “fun little idea” to give back to our readers or the community. I can’t forget to add Reese Dante to this list.  She was instrumental in the organization and success of the GRL Blog tour (as well as GRL itself, but this is MY list darn it). I loved getting to meet you all in person at GRL!
  • Andrew Grey, Erica Pike, Jamie Reese, Charlie Cochet, Wade Kelly, and all the authors not already mentioned who answered my call for prizes for the #TeamPrismGRL giveaway… OMG you guys rock so much, I can’t even say.  The five recipients all expressed the sincere gratitude for everything you do.  (note: prizes were donate by #TeamPrism2014 and Outside the Margins authors as well, just not double posting their names)
  • Last but certainly not least:  To Every single author and publisher who has offered review copies, guested, sponsored a giveaway, interviewed, thanked us for a review, appreciated us for our honesty, read the blog, shared a link, supported us in any way.   On behalf of Prism Book Alliance I have to say THANK YOU! and offer *HUGS*

Here is to an even better 2015.  Don’t forget to vote in the Best of 2014 poll.  It will be going on all month, but Round 1 ends on Saturday.

~ Brandilyn

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Thank you so much for your support over the last 4 years. Prism will be closing its doors on 1 April 2017. All content will remain available, but no new content will appear after 31 Mar 2017. As such all request forms have been turned off. Again Thank you,

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