This Other Country (More Heat Than the Sun 4) by John Wiltshire ~ Book Review by Lirtle

”Do we fight over who is in charge, Benjamin?”

Ben frowned. “No. I have you exactly where I want you.”

Nikolas chuckled…

this other country cover 1 Title: This Other Country (More Heat Than the Sun 4)

Author: John Wiltshire

Publisher: MLR Press

Cover Artist: Deana Jamroz

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars


Nikolas is the sanest, straightest, person he knows, so can anyone tell him, why he’s on a gay therapy course?

Nikolas Mikkelsen could make a very long list of unpleasant things he’s endured in his life. Then order it from ‘nearly killed me’ to ‘extremely horrific and don’t want to do again’. And what did it say about his forty-five years that being hit by a tsunami would be a considerable way down this list? But nothing, not torture, imprisonment, nor starvation has prepared him for what he now has to endure for Ben Rider’s sake-attendance on a residential, gay therapy course. At least he has a new contender for the top spot on his ‘my awful life’ list.

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”Do we fight over who is in charge, Benjamin?”

Ben frowned. “No. I have you exactly where I want you.”

Nikolas chuckled…

I highlighted and wrote down this quote from towards the beginning of this book. It’s a theme that carries through the entire story. Little did I know! And I’m so freakin’ happy I found out.

This book picks up basically where “The Bridge of Silver Wings”, book three in the More Heat Than the Sun series, left off. As do the emotion, heat, confidence and omigosh holy shiznoly awesomeness of Wiltshire’s writing and this thing that is Ben ‘n Nik. Beautiful, nuanced and playful.

The mystery starts right from the beginning of the book and led me in many different directions, all of them unexpected. That’s another theme in this story: surprises. There are things that happen at the beginning that get carried through to the end, only giving up their intentions and secrets at that point.
While in other instances, revelations practically slapped me in the face with their immediacy. Listen, this is the kinda stuff that gets my literary engines purrrrrrrrrrring. Purring, I tells ya.

The family you cobble together through shared experiences, need and acceptance is the kind of family Nik and Ben have created, even if they don’t yet accept everything about themselves. The wonderful kicker is that, despite their actions sometimes, Ben accepts Nik and Nik accepts Ben. They have moments of doubt like we all do, but the bond they have is made of titanium coated steel, all wrapped up in their unquestionable love.

Reading Wiltshire’s books, I feel the danger physically. It manifests itself as worry for these guys, as if they’re really going to be felled by a bullet or an avalanche. What’re even better are those surprises. (I told you!) Just when I think the tension can’t go any higher, something wonderful happens to scatter it all to the four winds. At this point in the series, this often comes in the form of Nik or Ben, or both, showing the strength of their belief in one another. It makes me sigh and slouch and swoon with satisfaction. Swoon. Swoony swoon.

The perfect companion to that danger? The humor. Ben relishes teasing Nik and Nik relishes pulling Ben’s chain. Even better? When one of them blunders, the other may initially enjoy a smirk but then something is said to mollify and unify simultaneously.

Which brings me to… drum roll … the perfect companion to that humor. Or rather, what the humor continues to demonstrate: Nik and Ben are a team and they have each other’s backs. Whether trudging through plans for an op or a horrible meal, or something much more life threatening, they do it together. The bond is strong with these two.

Really, though, the humor, it’s made me chuckle and snort. The little playful digs. A small gesture in response to an unspoken thought that causes a smile or a joke. It tells me so much about the connection twixt Ben and Nik. It’s a fantastic counterweight to the seriousness and high level of danger, physical and emotional, of the overall story.

Speaking of that overall story, I was a third of the way through and still had no idea where this was all going. The colors I pulled from the crayon box, ready to start my masterpiece o queries? Anxiety apple green. Love lavender. Curiosity cerulean blue. Intrigued island pink. Roll with it. You will be rewarded.


The twists and turns, the 180’s and 360’s, the zigzagging and whirling dervishes of emotion and action start popping up left and right and center and over yonder and RIGHTHERE. Things started to thread together.


A love story.

One of the love stories.

That’s this. A journey of rediscovery and newness and belief confirmed. Of self-acceptance. Of reliance and patience. Of passion and understanding amidst the confusion and challenges.

I recommend this book. I recommend this series. I recommend Ben and Nik.

Meanwhile, John Wiltshire, you had your literary way with me and I’m not at all sorry about that. I trust you as my storyteller. This title? Insightful and clever, worthy of a proper fist bump.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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