Tigers and Devils (Tigers and Devils #1) by Sean Kennedy ~ Audiobook Review by PizzyGirl

Tigers and Devils Title: Tigers and Devils (Tigers and Devils #1)

Author: Sean Kennedy

Narrator: Paul Morey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

eBook Release Date:
Audiobook Release Date:

Story Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Narration Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 3 of 5 Stars


The most important things in Simon Murray’s life are football, friends, and film—in that order. His friends despair of him ever meeting someone, but despite his loneliness, Simon is cautious about looking for more. Then his best friends drag him to a party, where he barges into a football conversation and ends up defending the honour of star forward Declan Tyler—unaware that the athlete is present. In that first awkward meeting, neither man has any idea they will change each other’s lives forever.

Like his entire family, Simon revels in living in Melbourne, the home of Australian Rules football and mecca for serious fans. There, players are treated like gods—until they do something to fall out of public favour. This year, the public is taking Declan to task for suffering injuries outside his control, so Simon’s support is a bright spot.

But as Simon and Declan fumble toward a relationship, keeping Declan’s homosexuality a secret from well-meaning friends and an increasingly suspicious media becomes difficult. Nothing can stay hidden forever. Soon Declan will have to choose between the career he loves and the man he wants, and Simon has never been known to make things easy—for himself or for others.

My View – Story:

On the one hand I liked this story. I connected with most of the characters and I really loved the way Declan and Simon’s relationship was represented. They seemed so normal even with Declan being a celebrity. Everything wasn’t sunshine and roses and the things they argued over were normal couple things. This relationship felt down to earth and was something I could easily relate to because it was modelled after everyday couples.

I also loved that the author could pull out my emotions. Towards the end, I wanted to cry right along with Simon and felt the tension between the men. It was well done.

What I did not like what that everyone felt so high school. Friends ignoring friends when they were mad, not returning phone calls, running away anytime they needed to think. I wanted to slap them all and tell them to grow up. And mn can these folks drink at every single function or get together or lunch or where ever. My liver hurts after reading this book. Finally, Simon’s constant pessimism was just too much for me after a while. It got so annoying.

Overall, this was an OK story, there were just some aspects of how things were portrayed that annoyed me. But I am looking forward to the next book to see if the men have grown up any

My View – Narration:

The narration was OK, I mean it is Paul Morey and I like listening to his voice. However, there were some repeated phrases, and his character voices were not as distinct as his more recent works.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the audiobook of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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2 thoughts on “Tigers and Devils (Tigers and Devils #1) by Sean Kennedy ~ Audiobook Review by PizzyGirl

  1. I’m very surprised that you make no mention of the fact that the narrator of this quintessentially Australian story is NOT AUSTRALIAN! I’m fond of this book, and was delighted to see that it was available as an audiobook. But just listening to the sample made it impossible for me to buy it.

    To me, it’s the classic example of a publisher producing an audiobook without giving any serious thought to who would be appropriate as a narrator. This is no criticism of the narrator himself. It is just that the narrator should have been an Australian, given that absolutely everything about the book is Australian: the setting, the characters, the POV, the fact that it is very concerned with a game which is purely Australian — Australian Rules football — and so on. The one good thing that can be said (judging by the sample) is that the narrator made no attempt at an Australian accent, which would only have made matters worse.

    And I am not Australian, by the way.

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