To the Finish Line – Part 4 ~ JP Barnaby: Outside the Margins

Join us as JP Barnaby goes Outside the Margins.

JP Barnaby OTMTo the Finish Line – Part 4

This is Part 3 of an on going story cowritten between myself and William Cooper, found exclusively here on Prism Book Alliance! Part 1 can be read here, Part 2 can be read here, and Part 3 can be read here. Enjoy!’

I had no interest in blaming it on the booze. Taylor made every dream I had wet and lush and full, like his sweet lips. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to take him to bed and do everything right. I wanted to love him. Tonight wasn’t the time, though. Tonight was about getting him off and making it look like a drunken joke. It was about making my dreams come true.

Taylor leaned back against the couch, his eyes closed against everything that told him what we were about to do was wrong. I could see that written in the frightened lines around his mouth. Smoothing them away with my thumb, I bypassed his mouth and even his neck and nuzzled his abs with my lips. His small inhalation made my own cock throb. Such a tiny sound but so full of promise.

He fisted the edge of the futon, a white-knuckled grip that would take him hours to release. I nudged his knees wider as I shuffled closer on my own. His thighs trembled beneath my palms as I rested them lightly against his skin. I liked the way they trembled under my lips. I liked the way his downy hair tickled my mouth. Mostly, I liked the way he whispered my name.


The whimper nearly undid me as I stroked the head of his thin cock with my tongue. He thrust his hips up, desperate, seeking something, anything. I smiled as I wrapped my lips around him and let him keep fucking my face. My hand on his hip kept him from choking me, though I would have, gladly to be right there on my knees for him forever.

The salty taste of his excitement lingered on my tongue even as the head of his dick brushed the back of my throat. I stroked his inner thigh with slow, comforting strokes before wrapping my fingers around his shaft. Even without practical experience, I had a couple years’ worth of porn to fall back on.

His balls tightened in my other hand and I knew it wouldn’t take long. On a good night with a strong image of Taylor in my mind, I could make myself blow in five minutes or less. Get in, get out, and do what I needed to do—that was my philosophy on the orgasm. I sucked harder, applying that philosophy to my brother’s cock.

With surprisingly little effort, Taylor let go of the futon mattress and threaded his fingers in my short hair instead. I twisted my fist over the head of his dick and pushing my hot mouth back over it just in time to catch the first spurt of jizz on my tongue. He came long and hard, crying out in stilted, muffled need.

God, I wanted to peek up into those eyes, the ones that mirrored mine, but I couldn’t stand the disgust or rejection I’d find there.

Instead, I let his dick fall from my lips and rested my forehead on his knee.

Then, I waited.

~ JP Barnaby

About JP Barnaby

Award winning romance novelist, J. P. Barnaby has penned over a dozen books including the Working Boys series, the Little Boy Lost series, In the Absence of Monsters, andAaron. As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.

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