A Terrible Husband by Jameson Dash ~ Book Review by Lirtle

a terrible husband cover Title: A Terrible Husband

Author: Jameson Dash

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht, Cover Photo – Michael Murphy

Rating: 3.25 of 5 Stars


Miles, retired model turned fashion boutique owner, shares his life with much younger Jeremy, a music promoter. Miles’s glory days are long gone, and now he’s standing at the sideline while Jeremy enjoys his prime and his renown in the music industry.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Jeremy surprises Miles with a trip to their favorite place, the party island of Ibiza. It’s a chance to visit old friends, run into an occasional business acquaintance, eat fish on the beach, and spend time together away from their busy lives in London. Although, after more than a handful of awkward interruptions, Miles begins to second-guess everything he’s taken for granted in his life, and he wonders if things are so perfect after all.


This started off with a bang. I felt like I had been planted at a starting line I didn’t even know was there, and then, bang! This one was off and running. I think a lot of it had to do with location changes that sometimes occurred in a single paragraph. That, and most actions were lucky to get a couple of sentences of description before leaping to the next. Definitely running hurdles here. Whew!

Lucky for me, I didn’t miss the fun one-liners as I was sent barreling across each page. There are some mighty good ones:

”I thought we agreed to no more sex talk in the shop.”

“I would never agree to that.”

When you read this, you’ll definitely get the tone of that exchange, sarcastic and loving.

I also enjoyed the descriptions of the house Jeremy and Miles share, our two leads. Totally lived in, busy, enclosing these long term boyfriends in a messy, complicated and deeply caring relationship.

The writing is good but the incredibly brief time spent on any one scene shortchanged the characters and their story.

There are good elements: a couple together for ten years, going through changes in the relationship and each of themselves, attempting to navigate those changes. Very challenging. My one note to this author: let your words and ideas breathe. They’re worthy and interesting and, frankly, needed given the circumstances of this life Jeremy and Miles share. When you slow things down? Wow, it works. Proof is in the airport scene pudding. This showed me important things about these two, their relationship, and it was the first moment I felt connected to them.

And… romantic. Miles and Jeremy banter with the best of them, and they’re romantic. That delicate balance between pushing someone’s buttons because you know them so well, and knowing how to break through all of the bull and romance the hell out of them.

This book treated me like a drunk yoyo. From page to page, it would sway unevenly from sweet and smart into way-too-obvious land and back again. This also made it a challenge to get to know these characters more, better.

But then… a very sweet realistic and unique scene pulls me right back in. Yoyo, I tells ya!

They would talk more later, but right now, Miles didn’t have room in himself for anything but being happy.

Sweet! And also an example of the awkward phrasing and sentence structure sprinkled throughout.

Yet, turning again, the intimacy and sex shared between Jeremy and Miles are hot and sexy and loving. They are a wonderful couple and deserved to have more time taken to show just how wonderful they are.

Shorthand conversations, nicknames and intimacy built by knowledge and heart. All of these things paved an uneven trail through a 10th anniversary, filled with a history of joys, disappointments and love. Most of all, it led to a pretty sweet and uplifting ending to this book. By no means is it an end to Jeremy and Miles and I would read more of them. 🙂

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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