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Brandon Witt Outside the Marginsa thank you

There are a million things I thought I might write about this month, but they all got pushed aside. This month, February, the month of ‘Love,’ is nothing more or less than a Thank You letter. To you, all of you.


Dear You,

In a few months, less than four now, I will be jobless, at least for all practical purposes. Historically, my books have made ALMOST one hundred dollars a month. Enough to nearly pay the car insurance. Not enough to cover for what I pay out for certain book publicity. So, you can see why I felt it was high time to make the leap to writing fulltime.


On the verge of this adventure, leap of faith, living the dream… insanity… the royalty check for the last three months of 2014 came in. I did a double and then triple take at the dollar amount. Then made certain it was really my name on payee line (surely it had gotten sent to the wrong author). Then looked to make sure someone else’s backlog hadn’t accidentally gotten onto my statement.

Unless I get a call from my publisher saying they hired a new account who has math skills akin to my own, it all appears on the up and up.

Don’t get me wrong, the amount wouldn’t scream to a sane person that it was time to quit their day job. (Sane people. Booooooorrrrrrring.) However, it was enough to make me have hope that maybe one day, this leap of faith might actually prove less crazy and suicidal than it feels.

So, thank you. To every one of you who has given my writing a try, whether you loved or detested it. To those of you who were so friendly at GRL and made me feel like a writer. To all of you who showed your love for Dunkyn and made me feel part of this family. To all of you who are so fucked up that you enjoy The Witty Hour (seriously, get some help). To those of you who will give my writing a try in the future. And to those writers, publishers, bloggers, and artists who have paved the way in the MM world and made a space for me.


Truly! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love, Brandon

~ Brandon Witt

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6 thoughts on “a thank you ~ Brandon Witt: Outside the Margins

  1. I have only one (or is it two?) things to add: Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and thank you for sharing your fabulous words with us. Good luck with your adventure. You certainly have the necessary skills. Now all it takes is a little bit of luck to push you to where you belong.

  2. This is called WINNING!!

    And no, I can’t believe I invoked not at all sane Charlie Sheen, especially since my preferred memory of him is as he was in Ferris Bueller. But I digress…

    You’ve done the planning and made the changes, so you’re ready, Brandon. As scary and exciting as it all is, you’re ready. For everything you want to do, you’re ready. So enjoy the fun and suffering as you ply your trade. 😀

  3. Congrats Brandon! So happy for you. 🙂 Wishing you continued success with your writing and looking forward to lots of great books from you in the future. 🙂

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