Behind Locked Doors by Nicholas Kinsley ~ Book Review by Josie Goodreads

Behind Locked Doors Title: Behind Locked Doors

Author: Nicholas Kinsley

Publisher: Fantastic Fiction

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 5.00 of 5 Stars


Edward Taylor is a man torn between his honorable façade and his forbidden carnal desires. Outwardly a proper Victorian family man, Edward secretly craves pain and lusts after men. Isaac Sinclair is a struggling writer forced by poverty to supplement his income with less savory pursuits, including discreetly inflicting “professional punishments” upon wealthy gentlemen. When Edward catches Isaac in an act of petty theft, the chance meeting seems to offer an ideal opportunity for both men. Neither man, however, is prepared for the escalation of social and personal risk occasioned by falling in love

Josie Goodreads’sView:

Behind Locked Doors is a wonderful historical BDSM romance. The writing captivated me, playing with my heart and emotions, and it delivered an exceptional story. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one setting, unheard of for me.

Edward Taylor is a Victorian gentleman of wealthy means, a factory owner, a husband and a father of one. Edward outwardly portrays the image of the perfect upstanding family man, fully in control and in charge of his own destiny except that he isn’t. Edward is a submissive in a world that would never accept that state, particularly as Edward’s desires make him need to submit to a man.

Isaac Sinclair is an artist of impoverished means with a unique talent, he is a natural dominant, this enables him to discreetly gather a few clients who require his special brand of control, men who want to be controlled, men who need to serve and submit. Edward is one of those men. Edward met Isaac when he caught him stealing a loaf of bread. Since then Edward has visited Isaac regularly, it’s those sessions that help to keep him grounded enough to be able to keep the vestige of control over his life. Isaac is not a whore though; he styles himself a purveyor of Professional Punishment. But the lines between client and master are beginning to blur and Edward is starting to fall in love with Isaac, revealing his possessive side, something that’s a revelation to him, but Edward and Isaac belong to two sides of society, Edward is a gentleman, Isaac is not, but Edward needs Isaac, he craves him. How can Edward have Isaac in the way he wants and not lose his reputation, his family and very possibly his liberty?

I really felt for Edward. He’s tortured and conflicted. Edward doesn’t hate himself or his attraction to men, he accepts his nature, eager to explore his lust, he needs to submit, it’s the only thing that gives him any peace, but he’s struggling to cope with his life outside of his submission. His wife Marie, once a vivacious and strong woman, now grates on him, and his son ignores him. He’s failing as a father and husband and he doesn’t know what to do.

Isaac was very hard to read, used to be in total control Isaac kept his emotions bottled up tight and it felt right that he would only show the extent of his own feelings once Edward had declared his, telling Edward ‘I hope fervently that we can continue, and with utmost passion’.

One thing that I really liked was the chapter headings; it made a change from the norm and gave me a heads up of the tone of the chapter. I also liked the interspersed flashbacks, not too many, just enough to provide relevant backstory for the characters and relationships; they were very nicely weaved in.

Nicholas Kinsley is a new to me author and I’ll admit the cover is what caught my eye as I was perusing Allromance. I’ve read quite a lot of BDSM stories but the only other author I’ve read who has combined BDSM with Historical is Ava March, an author I adore, and Behind Locked Doors compares very well to her books. Behind locked Doors is less romanticized than Ms. March’s stories, the sex more dirty and sordid, the domination more hard core. The relationship between Isaac and Edward is very much a business transaction to start with gradually depending further into love and friendship in a way that takes both men by surprise. Unlike Ms. March’s books, which always conjure up a HEA, for a long time I couldn’t see how Edward and Isaac could have any kind of future together, which saddened me immensely as I grew very fond of Edward and wanted him to have all he wanted. The ending when it was revealed was a surprise, I’m saying no more than that as it will spoil the story for anyone reading this review, but be assured the resolution of Edward and Isaac’s complicated relationship will leave readers content.

I can only hope Nicholas Kinsley writes more stories like this. I’ll certainly be lining up to read them. Highly Recommended.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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