Defective Desires by Angelique Voisen ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Defective Desires Title: Defective Desires

Author: Angelique Voisen

Publisher: Liquid Silver

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Anemic vampire Codrick Conell Cornelius didn’t know that a blind date would lead to a near-death experience from a burning dirigible. If the fall doesn’t kill his near-human body, the gorgeous Biff Buffington will.

Cod has endured centuries of humiliation being the last vampire of his cursed line. When he finds out the local supernatural community wants him dead, he has nowhere else to go. When Biff offers him an unlikely alliance, Cod is terrified of trusting a man who’s able to turn his knees into jelly and set his heart ablaze.

A werewolf that’s unable to shift doesn’t amount to much in any wolf pack. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, Biff figures that when life hurls lemons at him, he’ll make lemonade. Making a living hunting down rogue supernaturals has more than its share of benefits and enemies. When Biff’s betrayed by his bosses, the last person he’d expect to help him is an anemic vampire. He wants this fiasco done and over with, but his wolf stubbornly believes Cod is his fated mate.

When a prophecy threatens to shake the very foundations of the supernatural community in the Cogworks, can two supernatural defects put aside their confusing feelings for each other in order to stay alive?


Ok this review is part of a series of connected reviews. I have also reviewed a book by this author but edited and published by a different company. I was curious to see if the publisher made a difference in the quality of a particular author’s work and I have to say that yes, in the case of this author, the publisher does matter. In the previous review, the story’s potential could not overcome the poor editing. In this case, the editing flaws were minor and I was able to enjoy the story for what it was.

This story was not exactly what I was expecting. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Right off the bat, the humorous and snarky tone was established and I knew I would enjoy this tale. And I did. I never once had a problem suspending reality to just go with the flow of the story itself. There was no deep meaning. No adventurous plot or heart rending character growth. This story, for me, was pure fun.

The POV switched between Cod and Biff. Since chapter 1 was from Biff’s POV and Cod was painted as a self absorbed drama queen, I was unsure of how I would connect enough to care about this union. But as the story progressed, the author painted a tale of two damaged men just looking for love. And along the way, they discover that they fit together. The change from apathetic lust to love was actually easy for me to follow, even though it was fast. The two men never really changed personality. They continued to poke at each other and bicker. But eventually that bickering turned into that type of bickering true partners have. So while it was fast in terms of days, it felt natural and gradual as I was reading. I had fun right along with these men and wouldn’t mind reading more about them in the future.

I also enjoyed the writing in this story. It had a very distinct feel that complimented the men’s adventure and the setting. The word choices were playful and light. The structure felt almost musical. The character’s speech patterns fit their images and enhanced the overall tone. I found myself chuckling at the men and the things that came out of their mouths quite often. This was a very unique story and I am glad I gave this author another try.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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