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Daniel_Kaine_OtMDinosaurs, and Unicorns, and Oh My!

Sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on in this world. I mean, let’s just take a moment to talk about dino erotica. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that seems to be taking the book world by storm. People are actually buying this… Well, I’m not sure what to call it.

Don’t believe me? Just try googling it. Better yet, check out some of the books on Amazon.



Gay T-Rex Lawyers! I’m not sure I could think of anything more devilish. At the time of writing this post, the book is #12,000 in the whole of the paid Kindle store. Seriously? Is there really such a large market for dinosaur sex? I have to wonder how much money this guy is making.


Because who doesn’t want to be captured by a bunch of prehistoric monsters and co-erced into dubious sexual encounters? I just… There are no words. But apparently things are getting even stranger…


There’s now a book out there about sex with a living billionaire jet plane. Yes, you read that right. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SX6HS5I

I suppose the premise of having sex with an inanimate object isn’t so strange. Even the idea of said inanimate object coming to life. Magic dildos! Buttplugs that move when you’re not watching. It could be like an adult version of Toy Story. But a plane? How does that even work?

These books raise so many questions I can’t even begin to wrap my head around them. Like, what about the size difference? How did the dinosaurs get into the present-day in the first place? Do the T-Rex’s lure unsuspecting humans into their law firm to have sex with them because they’re so horny on account of not being able to reach their own penises with their tiny arms? Lots and lots of questions… Not least of all why exactly a goddamn jet plane would come to life and have sex with a human.

Though, when I think about it. Is dino erotica really that different to furry sex? The only difference really is that the animal is a now extinct lizard instead of a fuzzy puppy, a green rabbit, or whatever animal floats your boat. Hey, I’ve even accidentally found videos of a guy in a red dragon costume. I’m sure my roommates from GRL right now are cringing at the memories I’ve etched permanently into their brains by looking up furry porn for them. Sorry!

In all seriousness though, while I doubt we’re going to see dinorotica (I’m totally coining that phrase right now!) filling the shelves of bookstores all over the world, it does seem to be attracting quite a following. It makes me wonder what the next big thing will be? Twilight came out, and suddenly vampires were EVERYWHERE. Then the Voldemort of all books is released and people go crazy over it. There have been tons of knock-offs and wannabes since then. Is dino porn going to make a massive explosion into the literary world? Well, given their size I imagine they would have massive… Ummm, yeah, let’s leave that thought there.

~ Daniel Kaine

About Daniel Kaine

Daniel was born and raised in the Land of Rain, aka England, where he now lives with his four lovable furballs; Mik, Ash, Spidey and Flash. Originally trained as a Biology teacher, Daniel was unsure what to do with his life until he came across fanfiction for his favourite anime and decided to have a go at writing his own. To this day, he still cringes at the memory of the cheesy terminology he used.

When not writing, Daniel enjoys a variety of activities, including running, going to the gym, bondage, watching anime, and the mass-slaying of virtual monsters in the hopes of receiving epic loot. One day, he hopes to become a werepanther and invent chocolate that can be eaten all day without making you fat.

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9 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, and Unicorns, and Oh My! ~ Daniel Kaine: Outside the Margins

  1. A number of my friends have been reading these stories recently and their reviews have been so much fun, and they’re enjoying them LOL 😀
    Crazy but true.

    • I imagine the reviews would be quite fun to read. As for the book itself being fun, I’ll reserve judgment on that. Maybe someone can tempt me into buying one just to say I’ve had the experience, lol.

  2. Way to go Daniel. This material (I decline to classify it) has been polluting my awareness in recent weeks. Lets not forget the bigfoot porn either. I wonder if the fear of horny dinosaurs is behind the decision of the Natural History Museum to remove Dippy the Diplodocus from the central hall? That would be a good plot line for a new ‘Night at the Museum’ movie! I shudder to think what the next trend will be? Jellyfish Bondage, Giraffe cunnilingus (have you seen those tongues) Oooooer I need to go lie down!

  3. I’m not sure I know what to think about ‘dinorotica’ or ‘planeporn’… I’m hoping it is just the ‘omg oh no!’ effect that is tempting people to buy, but it can be said (not by me) but is there a difference between shifting into a dinosaur or a bird or a…wolf?

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