Evil’s Embrace by LM Somerton ~ Book Review by Caroline

22529751 Title: Evil’s Embrace

Author: LM Somerton

Publisher: Totally Bound

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars


Never underestimate the power of obsession. After the trauma of the Rasputin case, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his boyfriend, Detective Constable Conor Trethuan, are in desperate need of a holiday. The peace and tranquillity of Cornwall can’t eradicate Conor’s nightmares, though, and the unbearable prospect of losing Alex drives him to confess feelings that he isn’t sure are reciprocated. Alex responds in the best way he knows how-by issuing orders and claiming Conor’s body as well as his heart. Prematurely recalled to work, they are thrown into a dangerous trafficking case focused on a leather bar with a hardcore reputation, Spikes. Conor is sent in undercover, not knowing that he is only a decoy. When Alex learns that the motivation behind his team’s involvement in the case might not be as straightforward as it seems, he realises that his actions might jeopardise not just their relationship, but Conor’s life, too. A shadowy figure from Conor’s past is about to step into the light.


Four months on and Connor is almost recovered and ready to return to work after his run in with a serial killer. His final two weeks off are to be spent with his boyfriend Alex in Cornwall. The first half of this book is like a romance as these two men who have been through so much together but know very little about each other finally get a chance to spend some quality time together. The D/s side of their relationship is gradually increasing and although it still sometimes makes Connor feel weak he is learning slowly that that is not what being submissive means.

When they are called back early to help with an important case the facts are thin but Connor is once again sent undercover and into danger. This time he will be waiting tables in a leather bar with a dubious reputation and even more dubious clientele. He is more than willing to play his part though if it puts a stop to the human traffic ring that has already resulted in the death of another Police Officer.

There is a lot more at play than is visible on the surface and someone from Connor’s past is hell bent on revenge and will go to whatever lengths required to obtain it. Mix that in with the fact that Connor hasn’t been told the entire truth about the case and his situation and things suddenly don’t look so good. Alex is terrified that Connor won’t be able to see past the lies and ever forgive him.

I’m really enjoying Alex and Connor. Their relationship may have started suddenly and quickly but there is real depth to it and I love that Alex is a growly and grouchy Dom who just about melts when Connor smiles.

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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