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The “Home” Collection by Cardeno C. has been re-released with new cover art. I have to say I miss the illustrations on the original covers, and even though the new covers look quite fabulous they also look like so many other books out there, and that’s a shame because the stories inside are unique and very fun.  I am a fan of Cardeno, and I love most all of her books. I have re-read the books in this series at different times over the years. For my Retro Reads reviews I read the collection again, and enjoyed spending time with my old friends.

He Completes Me Title: He Completes Me

Author: Cardeno C.

Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 3.75 of 5 Stars


Not even his mother’s funeral can convince self-proclaimed party boy Zach Johnson to tone down his snark or think about settling down. He is who he is, and he refuses to change for anyone. When straight-laced, compassionate Aaron Paulson claims he’s falling for him, Zach is certain Aaron sees him as another project, one more lost soul for the idealistic Aaron to save. But Zach doesn’t need to be fixed and he refuses to be with someone who sees him as broken.

Patience is one of Aaron’s many virtues. He has waited years for a man who can share his heart and complete his life and he insists Zach is the one. Pride, fear, and old hurts wither in the wake of Aaron’s adoring loyalty, and as Zach reevaluates his perceptions of love and family, he finds himself tempted to believe in the impossible: a happily-ever-after.


The Home Collection features many memorable characters, but I think that Zach Johnson stands out among them. He is the poster boy for building a good hurt/comfort relationship. What can be more comforting for a seemingly strong soul that has been disowned and kicked to the curb? Why a big, handsome, loving, patient and kind-hearted man of course!

Although Zach is memorable he isn’t my favorite character in the story. No, I am all about Aaron. He is loving, loyal and kind, and sees all of the good things in Zach that even Zach has forgotten about. Plus he’s a veterinarian, that alone makes me adore him. But snarky Zach is definitely what Aaron needs too, because someone as kind as Aaron would get taken advantage of without a razor sharp Zach to help protect him. They really do complete each other, even if it takes Zach a while to figure it all out.

The story is told from Zach’s point of view, but I think that the author does a fine job of letting us see and feel Aaron just from their interactions. As with most of Cardeno’s stories this one has a lot of explicit sex and sticky-sweet love, so much love. I really find this entire collection fills my comfort read shelf. To enjoy this book to the fullest you need to be in the mood for something romantic without a lot of tension or angst, but filled with a lot of sex. Like humping bunnies sex, bunnies on viagra sex, just lots and lots of hot, hot, sex.

The rest of the Home Series is loosely tied together and the books can be read in any order. I love to connect the dots with the other couples, and enjoy getting to visit with them occasionally during cameo appearances in the other stories.  In this book we get to meet Clark from Home Again and learn that Aaron is from Bryerville, where the characters in Where He Ends and I Begin lived.

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