Hidden Need – The Hidden Series Book 10 by Nicole Colville ~ Book Review by Caroline

24616165 Title: Hidden Need – The Hidden Series Book 10

Author: Nicole Colville

Publisher: *Not Listed

Cover Artist: unknown

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars


Hidden Need can be read as a standalone book, or as an introduction to the series

Mario has to break free from the chains which he has tightly bound around him. Every year more links to his chain are added. Every year they become harder and harder to carry. He has hidden for too long, and the pain of living a lie has driven him to the lowest depths he can fall.

An alcoholic at twenty six, he has to get his life back and re-build the bridges he has burnt. He’s pushed everyone away. He has no one left who cares about him. No reason for living, except maybe one thing, or one person.

The only thing that gives Mario hope is Luca, the object of his desires for the last five years. A former friend who he hurt badly. Getting sober and back into shape is all for the love of him. The only thing is, Luca isn’t gay. Or is he?

Two men who both have dark pasts. Two men who want something they can’t have. Two men who need each other so powerfully it tears them in two.


If anyone was to ask me which new author made the biggest impression on me in 2014 I would have to answer Nicole Colville. Right at the end of the year I started The Hidden Series and I have been absolutely blown away! This woman writes long books with really messed up characters that grab you and won’t put you down. Just when you think you have worked out where she is taking the story she twists it all around and takes you off in another direction. She made me fall in love with Jamie and Scott so damn much that when I realised book 10 in the series wasn’t about them I was crushed and a little scared.

This is Luca and Mario’s story. We have met both of these characters before but never really got to know much about them. Luca is Val’s best friend and has stood by him through thick and thin travelling the world with him to help keep him safe and sane. Mario was part of the group of friends that Val trusted but when he found out Val was gay and seeing Jamie all hell broke loose and he said some things that were pretty hard to forgive and forget.

What we didn’t know about Mario was the sheer terror he lived in daily as a child and as a young man under his father and step brothers’ constant gaze. They weren’t just homophobic; they were evil and extremely dangerous. When his father dies Mario should finally be free but he spends his life at the bottom of the bottle and has lost everyone that ever cared for him. When Luca literally picks him up off the street after his father’s funeral it is the first time the men have been near each other in a long time and the look Luca gives him is the wakeup call he needs and the first step to sobriety.

Starting a new friendship is hard. Mending an old friendship is harder. Mending an old friendship when you are secretly in love with the other person seems an impossible task but Mario will settle for any part of Luca he can get. As the self hatred ingrained into him slowly recedes Mario’s life mission becomes Luca. He is the only person Mario cares about but he has a lot of bridges to build and none of them are easy. He’s not even sure if his old friend likes other men but if he does then Mario wants to be the only one he ever loves.

There are some unsavoury characters in this story and none more so than Mario’s step brother who causes a near deadly setback in Mario and Luca’s plans. There is also someone who comes back from Luca’s past that may stump their plans but Mario is determined to fight for what he wants and he no longer cares who knows he loves another man.

There isn’t as much angst in this story as there was in Jamie and Scott’s but I was unable to stop turning pages just the same. You could read this out of order by my recommendation would be to start at the beginning and meet all the characters, it really is worth it and it’s a fantastic story all the way through. I must just add I am still Team Shark 

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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with the eARC of this title in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. amazibg review I absolutely loved this series and yes I am #TeamShark and obsessed
    Great job I love Nicole Colville

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